Farman F.212

The Farman F.212 was an improved version of the F.211 four-engined heavy bomber. The main change was the use of 350hp Gnome-Rhone 7Kds radial engines, increasing the total available horsepower from 1,200hp to 1,400hp and the top speed from 137mph to 152mph. There were also a series of more minor changes. The F.212 carried the same defensive armament as the F.211, with twin 0.303in guns in nose and dorsal positions and a single 0.303in gun in a ventral position. The bomb load also rose, from 2,315lb on the F.211 to 3,086lb on the F.212. The F.212 was test flown from April 1934, two years after the F.211. By this date development had moved onto the F.220/ F.221 series, and the F.212 didn't enter production. 

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