Douglas C-29

The Douglas C-29 Dolphin was the most powerful aircraft in the Dolphin series and was powered by two 550hp engines.

The C-29 Dolphin was an amphibian aircraft. It was powered by two engine carried above the wings, with an auxiliary aerofoil on top of the engine nacelles. It had an all-metal hill and a plywood covered wooden wing. The main wheels were attached to the hull sides on hinged struts and to the wings by oleo struts.

The original Dolphin was a twin engined amphibian that had originally been ordered as a bomber leader, but that generally used as a transport and air-sea rescue aircraft. The two C-29s were powered by 550hp Pratt & Whitney R-1340-29 engines, but were otherwise similar to the C-26A / OA-4, with 300hp engines (later modernised to use 400hp engines). As with many of the Army's Dolphins the C-29s were loaned to the Treasury for Prohibition patrols, where they were given the designation FP-2B.

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