Boulton & Paul P.63 Streamline

The Boulton & Paul P.63 Streamline was a design for a high performance interceptor that came at the end of a family of similar designs.

The series began with the P.37, a sesquiplane day bomber. This was followed by the P.47 high speed mail carrier, P.49 racing aircraft and P.56 mail carrier.

The entire family took advantage of a great deal of wind tunnel research to produce a streamlined design. They were sesquiplanes, with a small lower wing and a larger upper wing. The engines were attached to the upper wing. In the case of the P.63 two 340hp Napier Rapier sixteen cylinder air cooled engines were chosen. The P.37 had used a retractable skid in place of wheels, but it isn't clear if the P.63 shared the same design.

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