Boulton & Paul P.34

The Boulton & Paul P.34 was a naval version of the P.33 Partridge single seat fighter, and like the land based version didn't enter production.

The P.34 was designed in response to Naval Specification N.21/26, for a radial engined fighter to replace the Fairey Flycatcher.

The P.33 was a conventional biplane, using Boulton & Paul's Locked Joint System. It had square tipped wings, with dihedral on the lower wing. The P.34 was a similar design, but with specific naval features and a series of changes that were developed during the design process for the P.33

The N.21/26 specification produced a series of designs, amongst them the Fairey Flycatcher II, Hawker Hoopoe, Gloster Gnatsnapper and Vickers 123/141. None of these aircraft entered production, after the inline powered Hawker Nimrod proved to outperform them all.

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