Boulton Paul P.102

The Boulton Paul P.102 was a project to fit a jet engine in an existing aircraft, but it suffered from high level indecision and was eventually cancelled.

In 1945 the British Naval Staff asked Boulton Paul to fit a jet engine to an existing naval strike aircraft. At the time Boulton Paul was involved in the construction of the Barracuda, and so they decided to use that aircraft. The Air Ministry briefly insisted on the use of the Fairey Firefly instead, but then decided to allow Boulton Paul to use the Barracuda.

The first firm project involved fitting a Whittle W.2B/37 engine in a Barracuda II. Once again the Air Ministry intervened, and insisted that the Barracuda V should used instead. Work began on the Barracuda V and W.2B/37 combination, but then the Air Ministry decided to move to the more powerful Whittle W.2/700 engine.

The combination of the Barracuda V and Whittle W.2/700 made very little progress before the entire project was cancelled.

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