Boeing AT-3

The Boeing AT-3 was an unsuccessful advanced trainer based on the Boeing PW-9 biplane trainer.

The PW-9A was the second production version of the PW-9, and had an improved Curtiss D-12C engine and duplicated landing and flying wires. Twenty five were ordered of which twenty four were completed as PW-9As. The 24th of these aircraft was later converted into the sole AT-3 advanced trainer. The AT-3 used a war surplus 180hp Wright-Hispano Model E engine.

The lower powered engine greatly reduced the performance of the aircraft, despite the significantly lower weight of the Wright-Hispano engine compared to the Curtiss D-12. No production orders followed. Curtiss did receive an order for 35 Curtiss AT-4s, which were produced by installing the same Wright-Hispano engine in a Curtiss P-1A, but this trainer was no more successful and most of the AT-4s were soon converted into P-1Ds.

Engine: Wright-Hispano Model E
Power: 180hp
Crew: 1
Empty Weight: 1,903lb
Gross Weight: 2,648lb
Maximum Speed: 129.3mph

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