Albatros W.8

The Albatros W.8 was a patrol floatplane that was designed in 1918 and of which two or possibly three were produced. The W.8 was largely a standard Albatros biplane, but with a numbers of ideas taken from the Brandenburg W.12, most obviously the high-set tailplane, with the horizontal surfaces mounted on the top of the tail. Three Marine serial numbers were allocated to the type but only two are known to have been delivered. The second differed from the first in having a spinner. It was designed to carry out long armed patrols over the North Sea, thus the three and a half hour endurance.  

Engine: Benz IIIb V-8
Power: 195hp
Span: 37ft 7 1/4in
Length: 31ft 5 5/8in
Height: 11ft 1 1/2in
Useful load: 1,100lb
Max speed: 94mph
Climb Rate: 6.5 minutes to 3,280ft
Endurance: 3hrs 30mins
Armament: One fixed forward firing Spandau machine gun, one flexibly mounted Parabellum machine gun.

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