Albatros Dr.II

The Albatros Dr.II was the second triplane design produced by Albatros, and like the Dr.I didn't enter production.

The Dr.I had been produced during 1917 by fitting a triplane wing to the fuselage of the D.V fighter. A similar approach was taken in 1918 and the Dr.II was produced by fitting a triplane wing to a fuselage heavily based on that of the D.X. This was a simplified fuselage, with flat sides and a flat base, but did use the standard Albatros construction method, with a wooden framework and plywood covering.

The Dr.II used a different wing to the Dr.I. The lower wing was level with the base of the fuselage, the middle wing with the top of the fuselage and the top wing an equal distance above the fuselage. The wings were equal chord and equal span and were staggered. They were connected by wide I struts and all thre wings carried ailerons. The radiators were mounted between the upper and middle wings.

Engine: Benz IVb V-8
Power: 195hp
Span: 32ft 9 3/4in
Length: 20ft 3 1/4in
Height: 10ft 11 1/2in
Empty weight: 1,487lb
Loaded weight: 2,013lb

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