Albatros C.XIII

The Albatros C.XIII was a close support aircraft developed from the D.Va fighter. It was basically a two-seat version of that aircraft, but with a 3ft wider wing span and a slight increase in length. The C.XIII had a less powerful engine than the D.Va, and was heavier, but its top speed was only reduced by around 3mph. The C.XIII retained the elegant streamlined fuselage of the D.Va, and its wing structure with the upper wing close to the fuselage. One prototype was built during 1917 but the type didn’t enter production.

Engine: Mercedes D.III
Power: 160hp
Span: 32ft 9 3/4in
Length: 25ft 7 1/8in
Height: 8ft 10 3/4in
Empty weight: 1,540lb
Maximum take-off weight: 2,332lb
Max speed: 103mph
Climb Rate: 4 minutes to 3,280ft
Endurance: 2hr 30min
Armament: One Spandau machine gun and one Parabellum machine gun

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