Albatros C.VI

The Albatros C.VI was similar to the C.III and the contemporary C.V, but was powered by the 180hp Argus As.III engine. The C.V was powered by the 220hp Mercedes D.IV engine, but this engine was only ever an interim design and was produced in small numbers. Albatros was able to produce many more airframes than could be powered by the Mercedes engine. Instead of limiting production while waiting for the 260hp Mercedes D.IVa to finish development the company produced a number of variants on their two-seat scouts powered by different engines (the most successful of which was the C.VII, powered by a Benz engine).

The C.VI was very similar to the C.III, as the Argus As.III was nearer in size and configuration to the Mercedes D.III used in the C.III than to the Mercedes D.IV. The Argus engine was heavier and more powerful and the nose had to be strengthened to take it. The C.VI was marginally faster than the C.III but slower than the C.V or the C.VII and it was only produced in small numbers.

Engine: Argus As.III
Power: 180hp
Span: 37ft 4.75in
Length: 25ft 11.25in
Height: 10ft 6in
Empty weight: 1,826lb
Loaded weight: 2,954lb
Max speed: 90.6mph
Climb rate: 35 minutes to 9,840ft
Endurance: 4hrs 30mins
Armament: One flexibly mounted 7.92mm Parabellum machine gun, one fixed forward mounted 7.92mm LMG 08/15

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