Albatros C.IX

The Albatros C.IX was a design for a close support aircraft of which only three were built. The aircraft was an unusual design. It was a two-seat single-bay biplane, with a straight lower wing and a swept back upper wing. The two wings were level at the tips, and the upper wing then swept forward. It was otherwise similar in construction to the D class two-seat scouts.

Three C.IXs were built during 1917 but the type wasn't accepted for production. One of the three aircraft was then given to Manfred von Richthofen for use as his personal transport.

Engine: Mercedes D.III
Power: 160hp
Span: 34ft 1.5in
Length: 26ft 11 7/8n
Height: 8ft 8 3/4in
Empty weight: 1,738lb
Loaded weight: 2,530lb
Max speed: 97mph
Climb speed: 5 minutes to 3,280ft
Duration: 2hr 30min

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