USAF Utility Aircraft Designations

The Utility class includes aircraft that were used to support combat operations, light transports and general liaison aircraft. It was also used for the Lockheed U-2 spyplane. A number of former C for Cargo and L for Liaison aircraft gained U numbers

U (Utility)

de Havilland Canada U-1A Otter
Lockheed U-2
Cessna U-3 (Cessna 310)
Aero U-4
Helio U-5 Twin Courier
de Havilland Canada U-6 Beaver(previously C-127 then L-20)
Piper U-7 Super Cub (previously L-21)
Beechcraft U-8 Seminole (previously L-23)
Aero U-9
Helio U-10 Super Courier (previously L-28)
Piper U-11
U-12 to U-15 not assigned
Grumman HU-16 (previously SA-16)
Cessna U-17 (Model 180)
North American U-18 Navion (previously L-17)
Stinson U-19 (previously L-5)
Cessna U-20 (previously C-126A)
Beechcraft U-21
Beech QU-22 Pave Eagle
Fairchild AU-23 Peacemaker
Helio AU-24 Stallion
Dassault HU-25 (Falcon 20)
Beechcraft U-26 (Bonanza)
Cessna U-27 (208 Caravan)
Pilatus U-28 (PC-12)
U-29 to U-37 not assigned
Schweize RU-38 Twin Condor

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