USAAC/ USAAF/ USAF - Reconnaissance Aircraft Designations.

The main sequence of US reconnaissance aircraft was the F series. Many of these aircraft were reconnaissance versions of existing aircraft. F was changed to R in 1948, but very few aircraft were part of this series. The only entry in the post-1926 R series was the TR-1 version of the U-2 spyplane, a short-lived designation. Most recent reconnaissance aircraft have used the modified mission prefix, producing RB, RC or RF classifications.

F - Photographic Reconnaissance

Fairchild F-1 (C-8)
Beechcraft F-2 Expeditor
Douglas F-3 Havoc
Lockheed F-4 Lightning
Lockheed F-5 Lightning
North American F-6 Mustang
Consolidated F-7 (Liberator)
de Havilland F-8 Mosquito
Boeing F-9 (B-17)
North American F-10 Mitchell
Hughes F-11
Republic F-12 Rainbow
Boeing F-13 (B-29)
Lockheed F-14 Shooting Star
Northrop F-15 Reporter

R - Reconnaissance (1948-62)

Hughes R-11 (F-11)
Republic R-12 (F-12) Rainbow
Boeing R-16 Stratofortress

R - Reconnaissance (1962 onwards)

Lockheed R-1 Dragon Lady - better known as the Lockheed U-2

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