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The first glider designations appeared in 1941 when the CG Cargo Glider and TG Training Glider types were introduced by the USAAC. The system continued to expand during the Second World War, with Assault Glider, Bomb Glider, Fuel Glider and Powered Glider designations appearing. In 1948 the USAF introduced a unified G for Glider designation, with some earlier gliders transfering to the new scheme with their old numbers.

In the 1962 tri-service designation system G for Glider became an aircraft type letter instead of a basic mission letter. All gliders are still in a single sequence of two letter codes, <basic mission>G. At the current time all but one of the gliders in use are of the TG Training Glider type. The sole exception is the RG-8, which is a coastguard version of the TG-7.

AG - Assault Glider (1942-44)

Christopher AG-1
Timm AG-2

BG - Bomb Glider (1942-44)

Fletcher BG-1
Fletcher BG-2
Cornelius BG-3

CG - Cargo Glider (1941-47)

Frankfort CG-1
Frankfort CG-2
Waco CG-3
Waco CF-4 Hadrian
St Louis CG-5
St Louis CG-6
Bowlus-Dupont/ Douglas CG-7
Bowlus-Dupont/ Douglas CG-8
AGA Aviation CG-9
Laister-Kauffman CG-10 Trojan Horse
Snead CG-11
Read-York CG-12
Waco CG-13
Chase CG-14
Waco CG-15 Hadrian
General Airborne Transport CG-16
Douglas CG-17
Chase CG-18
Douglas CG-19
Chase CG-20

FG - Fuel Glider (1944-1947)

Cornelius FG-1

PG - Powered Glider (1943-47)

Northwestern PG-1
Ridgefield PG-2
Waco PG-3

TG - Training Glider (1941-47)

Frankfort TG-1
Schweizer TG-2
Schweizer TG-3
Laister-Kauffman TG-4
Aeronca TG-5 Grasshopper
Taylorcraft TG-6 Grasshopper
Kocjan TG-7 Orlik
Piper TG-8 Grasshopper
Briegleb TG-9
Wichita Engineering TG-10
Schempp-Hirth TG-11
Bowlus-DuPont TG-12
Briegleb TG-13
Stiglmeier TG-14
Franklin-Stevens TG-15
Schultz TG-16
Franklin TG-17
Midwest Sailplane TG-18
Jacobs-Schweyer TG-19
Laister-Kauffman TG-20
Notre Dame TG-21
Mehlhose TG-22
Harper-Corcoran TG-23
Bowlus-Dupont TG-24
Wolcott TG-25 Plover
Universal TG-26
Schneider TG-27
Haller TG-28 Hawk Junior
Volmer Jensen TG-29
Smith TG-30 Bluebird
Aero Industries TG-31
Pratt-Read TG-32
Aeronca TG-33

G - Unified Glider class (1948-1962)

Ridgefield G-2
Waco G-3
Waco G-4 Hadrian
Laister-Kauffman G-10 Trojan Horse
Waco G-13
Chase G-14
Waco G-15 Hadrian
Chase G-18
Chase G-20

S - Sailplane (1960-62)

Schweizer S-1
Schweizer S-2

G - Post 1962 Gliders (with company designations)

Schweizer TG-1 (SGS 2-25)
Schweizer TG-2 (SGU 2-22)
Schweizer TG-3 (SGS 1-26)
Schweizer TG-4 (SGS 2-33)
Schweizer TG-5 (SHS 2-32)
Schweizer TG-6 (SHS 1-34)
Schweizer TG-7 (SGM 2-37)
Schweizer RG-8 (SGM 2-37 in Coast Guard service)
Schleicher TG-9 (ASK 21)
Blanik TG-10 (LET L-23 Super Blanik, LET L-13AC Blanik and Blanik L-33 Solo)
Stemme TG-11 (S10)
Caproni Vizzola TG-12 (Calif)
Aeromot TG-14 (AMT-200 Super Ximango)
Schempp-Hirth TG-15 (Duo Discus / Discus-2)
DG Flugzeugbau TG-16 (DG-1000)

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