USAAF/ USAF X-Craft Designation

XS/ X - XS Supersonic/special test (1946-48)

The XS designation was used from 1946 to 1948 for experimental supersonic aircraft. In 1948 the letter changed to X for special test, and the existing XS craft became X craft.

Bell XS-1/ X-1
Bell XS-2/ X-2
Douglas XS-3/ X-3 Stiletto
Northrop XS-4/ X-4 Bantam
Bell XS-5/ X-5
Convair X-6
Lockheed X-7 Flying Stove Pipe
Aerojet X-8 Aerobee
Bell X-9 Skrike
North American X-10
Convair X-11
Convair X-12
Ryan X-13 Vertijet
Bell X-14
North American X-15
Bell X-16
Lockheed X-17
Hiller X-18
Curtiss-Wright X-19
Boeing X-20 Dyna-Soar
Northrop X-21
Bell X-22
Martin Marietta X-23 PRIME
Martin Marietta X-24
Benson X-25
Schweizer X-26 Frigate
Lockheed X-27
Osprey X-28 Sea Skimmer
Grumman X-29
Rockwell X-30 NASP
Rockwell X-31
Boeing X-32
Lockheed Martin X-33
Orbital Sciences X-34
Lockheed Martin X-35
McDonnell Douglas/ Boeing X-36
Boeing X-37
Scaled Composites X-38
X-39 - uncertain
Boeing X-40
X-41 - uncertain
X-42 - uncertain
Microcraft X-43 Hyper-X
Lockheed X-44 MANTA
Boeing X-45
Boeing X-46
Northtop Grumman X-47 Pegasus
Boeing X-48
Piasecki X-49 Speedhawk
Boeing X-50 Dragonfly
Boeing X-51 Waverider
X-52 skipped
Boeing X-53
Gulfstream X-54
Lockheed Martin X-55

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