USS Perry (DD-11)

USS Perry (DD-11) was a Paul Jones class destroyer that served in the Pacific Fleet. During the First World War she guarded the Panama Canal and then operated in the Florida Keys.

USS Perry (DD-11) at Sea, 1908
USS Perry (DD-11)
at Sea, 1908

The Perry was laid down on 19 April 1899, launched on 27 October 1900 and commissioned on 4 September 1902. She was named after Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, an American naval commander during the quasi-war with France, the Barbary Wars and the War of 1812.

The Perry served with the Pacific Torpedo Flotilla from 1902 until the American entry into the First World War. She was anchored near San Francisco when the 1906 earthquake struck. Her crew were woken up by the shock, and spent four days helping with the rescue efforts.

After the American entry into the First World War the Perry spent a few months patrolling off the California coast. She moved south to guard the western entrance to the Panama Canal in July 1917 where she remained for ten months.

USS Perry (DD-11) at Puget Sound Dry Dock
USS Perry (DD-11) at Puget Sound Dry Dock

In May 1918 she moved to Key West and began to patrol the Florida Keys.

After the end of the war the US Navy decided to scrap her coal powered destroyers. The Perry was decommissioned on 2 July 1919 and sold for scrap on 5 January 1920.

Displacement (standard)


Displacement (loaded)


Top Speed



4 Thornycroft boilers
2 Vertical Triple Expansion engines
2 shafts



Armour - belt


 - deck



250ft 7in


23ft 6in


Two 3in/25 guns
Five 6pdr guns
Two 18in torpedo tubes

Crew complement



27 October 1900


4 September 1902


Sold 1920



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