USS Hopewell (DD-181)/ HMS Bath

USS Hopewell (DD-181) was a Wickes class destroyer that was sunk by U-204 while serving in the Royal Norwegian Navy as HMS Bath.

The Hopewell was named after Pollard Hopewell, a Midshipman in the US navy who was killed during the battle between USS Chesapeake and HMS Shannon on 1 June 1813.

USS Hopewell (DD-181) at anchor, 15 November 1919
USS Hopewell (DD-181)
at anchor,
15 November 1919

The Hopewell was launched at Newport News on 8 June 1918 and commissioned on 22 March 1919. She joined the 3rd Destroyer Squadron off New England in April 1919, and in May took part in the successful transatlantic flight of the Navy Curtiss flying boat NC-4, operating as one of the line of the destroyers that marked the route. She then had to return to New York to complete being fitted own, and didn't rejoin her squadron until August 1919. Over the winter of 1919-20 she took part in the normal training exercises in the Caribbean. In May 1920 she returned to New England, and she spent the summer on a mix of divisional exercises and reservist training. In September she moved to Charleston to carry out the same mix of duties and this lasted over the winter of 1920-21. In May 1921 she moved to New York to help train the reserve. She was then placed into the reserve at Charleston on 10 October 1921, before being decommissioned at Philadelphia on 17 July 1922.

The Hopewell was recommissioned on 17 June 1940 as the US Navy expanded early in the Second World War. She briefly served with the Neutrality Patrol, but was then chosen as one of the destroyers that were to be given to Britian under the terms of the 'destroyers for bases' deal. She reached Halifax on 18 September and was decommissioned from the US Navy on 23 September 1940.

As HMS Bath

The Bathwas commissioned into the Royal Navy in October 1940, and was lent to the Royal Norwegian Navy on 1 January 1941

On 19 August 1941 the Bath was sunk by U-204, while operating to the south-west of Ireland. 83 of her crew were lost.

Displacement (standard)

1,160t (design)

Displacement (loaded)


Top Speed

35kts (design)
35.34kts at 24,610shp at 1,149t on trial (Wickes)


2 shaft Parsons turbines
4 boilers
24,200shp (design)


3,800nm at 15kts on trial (Wickes)
2,850nm at 20kts on trial (Wickes)

Armour - belt


 - deck



314ft 4in


30ft 11in

Armaments (as built)

Four 4in/50 guns
Twelve 21in torpedoes in four triple tubes
Two depth charge tracks

Crew complement



8 June 1918


22 March 1919

Sunk by U-204

19 August 1941

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