P 43 Heavy Tank

The P 43 (or P 30/43) was a design for a heavy tank based on the Italian P 40, but armed with a 90mm gun in place of the 75mm gun used on the P 40. The P 43 was also to use an improved turret, had a lower profile, sloping sides and a commanders cupola. A provisional order was placed for 150 vehicles, but not even the prototype had been completed before the Italian Armistice of September 1943 (by which time only one P 40 had been completed). Development of the P 43 (and of the similar P 43bis ended at the armistice).

Weight: 30tons
Crew: 4
Armament: 90mm main gun
Armour: 50-100mm
Engine: 480hp petrol engine
Top Speed: 25mph (estimated)
Length: 20.2ft
Width: 9.97ft
Height: 7.34ft

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