Timeline for the P-51 Mustang

January 1940

First contact between British Purchasing Commission and North American Aviation over purchase of a fighter aircraft

10 April 1940

BPC agree to development of a new fighter

24 April 1940

BPC approve the first design drawings

5 May 1940

US Government officially approves the new North American design for export.

29 May 1940

British place an order for 320 Mustang Is

9 September 1940

First prototype Mustang rolled out, although without the engine.

11 October 1940

First taxi tests

26 October 1940

First test flight

April 1941

First Mustang Is leave production line

September 1941

RAF flight testing of Mustang I begins in Britain

February 1942

No. 26 Squadron first to go operational, with Mustang I

16 April 1942

Order placed for 500 A-36A dive bombers based on the Mustang

10 May 1942

First mission for the Mustang, when No. 2 Squadron attacked a German airfield in northern France.

27 July 1942

First RAF Mustang missions over Germany, an attack on the Ruhr.

19 August 1942

Mustang scores its first confirmed victory, over Dieppe.

October 1942

First flight of a Rolls Royce Merlin powered Mustang

30 November 1942

First flight of the XP-51B with Merlin engine

April 1943

First US Mustang missions, by 154th Observation Squadron based in Tunisia

5 May 1943

First flight of a production P-51B

6 June 1943

First A-36A mission; by 27th FBG from Rasel Ma, French Morocco

November 1943

354th FG receives its first P-51Bs

December 1943

First P-51B mission, flown by 354th FG over France

February 1944

No. 19 Squadron flies first RAF mission with the Mustang III (Rolls Royce powered)

4 March 1944

4th FG takes Mustangs to Berlin for the first time.

3 February 1945

First flight of the P-51H.

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