HMS Nabob

HMS Nabob was a Ruler class escort carrier that has a short active career in British home waters before being badly damaged by a U-boat during an attack on the Tirpitz in August 1944.

The Nabob was launched on 9 March 1943 as USS Edisto (CVE-41).


No.852 Squadron embarked on the Nabob on 11 February in the US, and crossed the Atlantic on her in March 1944, before disembarking in the UK on 6 April 1944. The squadron returned in May 1944, in preparation for operations off Norway.

On 11 August aircraft from the Nabob and Trumpeter dropped mines in the Harhms and Lepsorev channels, while fighters from the Indefatigable provided fighter cover and attacked the airfield at Gossen.

HMS Nabob limps home
HMS Nabob limps home

August 1944 also saw the Nabob allocated to the fleet taking part in Operation Goodwood I to IV, a series of attacks on the Tirpitz. The main force for this series of four attacks on the Tirpitz was provided by the fleet carriers Formidable, Indefatigable and Furious while Nabob and Trumpeter carried out diversionary attacks. The Nabob was operating No.825 Squadron with a mix of Grumman Avengers and Wildcats.

On 22 August the Nabob was torpedoed by U-354, suffering massive damage. Careful management of the heavy flooding and skilful damage control meant that the carrier survived the damage, and escorted by the Trumpeter managed to reach safety at Scapa Flow. After careful examination it was decided that it was not worth repairing her.

The Nabob was paid off unrepaired on 30 September 1944. She spent the rest of the war on a mud bank in the Firth of Forth, before being officially returned to the US Navy on 16 March 1945.


No.852 NAS

No.852 Squadron crossed the Atlantic with its Avengers early in 1944, then embarked again in May with the Avenger and the Wildcat. The squadron remained onboard until the Nabob was badly damaged in August 1944.

No.856 NAS

A detachment of Avengers from No.856 Squadron operated on the Nabob during the summer of 1944, but was gone by 13 September.

Displacement (loaded)

11,400t standard
15,390t deep load

Top Speed



27,500 miles at 11 knots


495ft 3in-496ft 8in oa


18-24 aircraft
Two 5in/38 US Mk 12 in two single mountings
Sixteen 40mm Bofors guns in eight double mountings
Twenty seven to thirty five 20mm cannon

Crew complement



9 March 1943


7 September 1943

Damaged beyond repair

22 August 1944

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