AMX 38 (Medium Tank)

The AMX 38 was a medium tank produced by the recently nationalised tank production branch of Renault, but that didn't see combat in 1940.

In August 1936 the French government partially nationalised many of the large armament firms. Renault’s tank division became the Atelier de Construction d’Issy-les-Moulineaux, or AMX. The new concern was responsible for the development of the AMX-38.

The AMX-38 was a medium tank armed with a 47mm gun (replacing a 37mm SA 38 gun used in early machines) and a 7.5mm coaxial machine gun. It was powered by a 150hp liquid cooled Aster diesel 4-cylinder engine. It had Wilson-Talbot gears. There were sixteen bogie wheels and four return rollers on each side. The suspension was protected by skirts. It carried up to 60mm of armour.

Like other French light tanks it only carried a crew of two, so the commander also had to serve as gunner and loader. It suffered from a very limited range of only 140-150km/ 87-93 miles.

The first few tanks were ready at the outbreak of war in 1939. Production then stopped, and the few that had been produced weren't used in combat.

Production: ?
Hull Length: 16.94ft
Hull Width: 5.93ft
Height: 7.25ft
Crew: 2
Weight: 16 tonnes
Engine: 150hp liquid cooled 4-cylinder Aster diesel engine
Max Speed: 24kph/ 15mph
Max Range: 140km/ 87 miles
Armament: 47mm and one coaxial 7.5mm MG
Armour: 50mm max

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