The Ago C.III was a smaller version of the Ago C.I twin boom pusher reconnaissance aircraft.

The C.I had a two bay wing with a span of 47ft 6 3/4in. The C.III had a single bay wing, with a span of 36ft 1in, a reduction of some 11 ft. It used the same 160hp Mercedes D.III engine as later C.Is.

The single C.III's performance isn't recorded, but it can't have been entirely satisfactory, as the company then  moved onto the Ago C.IV, a totally new design for a tractor biplane with unusual tapered wings.

Engine: Mercedes D.III
Power: 160hp
Crew: 2
Span: 36ft 1in
Length: 22ft 11 5/8in
Bomb load: One flexibly mounted machine gun in nose.


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