Ago C.II

The Ago C.II was a development of the successful Ago C.I twin-boom pusher, and was produced in several different versions.

Ago C.II from the front left
Ago C.II from the front left

The main version of the C.II was an improved version of the C.I, with a more powerful 220hp engine and larger tail surfaces. A small number were produced.

A second version of the C.II had a three bay wing, which gave it a 60ft 0 1/2in span. This was produced for the German Navy.

Finally two C.II-W floatplanes were produced, both for service with the Navy. These were given the serial numbers 539 and 586 and used the same engine as on the land plane versions. They had the longer 60ft wings and were also 4ft longer than the short wingspan version of the C.II.

Ago C.II in flight
Ago C.II in flight

Short wingspan version
Engine: Benz Bz.IV
Power: 220hp
Crew: 2
Span: 47ft 7in
Length: 32ft 3 3/8in
Empty weight: 2,998lb
Maximum take-off weight: 4,290lb
Max speed: 85mph
Armament: One manually operated machine gun in nose

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