The A.E.G. J.II was a modified version of the A.E.G. J.I ground attack aircraft, and was introduced in 1918.

A.E.G. J.II from the front, 1918
A.E.G. J.II from the front, 1918

The J.I was developed in 1916 for use with the new Infantrie-Flieger units. It was based on the A.E.G. B.IV armed reconnaissance aircraft, but with the fixed forward firing machine gun replaced with two downwards firing guns mounted at 45 degrees, a more powerful engine, and 860lb of armour to protect the crew and engine.

The A.E.G. J.II was introduced in 1918. It was similar to the J.I but with improved controls and control surfaces and a larger fin. All of the control surfaces apart from the lower ailerons were given large overhung horn balances

Over 600 J.Is and J.IIs were produced.

Engine: Benz Bz.IV
Power: 200hp
Crew: 2
Span: 44ft 2in
Length: 25ft 11in
Height: 10ft 11 7/8in

A.E.G. J.II of Deutsche Luft Reederei
A.E.G. J.II of Deutsche Luft Reederei

Empty weight: 3,256lb
Loaded weight: 3,883lb
Max speed: 93.75mph
Climb Rate: 6min to 3,280ft
Service ceiling: 14,760ft
Endurance: 2.5 hours
Armament: One flexibly mounted machine gun, two fixed forward and downwards firing machine guns.Bomb load:

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