A.E.G. G.V

The A.E.G. G.V was a larger version of the A.E.G. G.IV twin engined bomber, but it appeared too late to see service in the First World War.

A.E.G. G.V from the rear
A.E.G. G.V from the rear

The G.IV was a twin engined bomber capable of carrying 881lb of bombs, although only over comparatively short ranges. It had a welded steel tube fuselage, wooden wing ribs, fabric covering with a plywood covered nose. Around 500 were produced and it remained in service from late 1916 until the end of the First World War.

Amongst a number of experimental versions of the G.IV was the G.IVb, which had longer three bay wings and could carry a 2,200lb bomb. This was followed in March 1918 by the G.IVb-lang, which had the larger wings, a longer fuselage and used two 300hp Basse & Selve BuS.IVa engines. The G.IVb-lang was then developed into the G.V.

The A.E.G. G.V was a larger development of the G.IV. It was larger in every dimension, especially the wingspan, which increased by almost 30 feet. It could carry a larger payload over a longer range than the G.IV, but at a slower speed.

The first prototype made its maiden flight in May 1918. It was still under development when the war ended, and so saw no military use. A number of G.Vs were completed, and were used by the airline Deutsche Luftreederei during 1919, alongside a number of other former military aircraft. The company eventually became part of Lufthansa. One G.V flew between Berlin and Eskjo in Sweden in 4 hours 7 minutes.

A.E.G. G.V from the left
A.E.G. G.V from the left

Engine: Two Mercedes D.IVa
Power: 260hp each
Span: 89ft 4 1/2in
Length: 35ft 9 1/2in
Height: 14ft 9 1/8in
Empty weight: 5,940lb
Loaded weight: 10,120lb
Max speed: 90.625mph
Climb Rate: 6min to 3,280ft
Armament: Two or three machine guns
Bomb load: 1,320lb

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