A.E.G. C.V

The A.E.G. C.V was an experimental version of the C.IV that given a more powerful Mercedes engine.

A.E.G. C.V from the left, 1915
A.E.G. C.V from the left, 1915

The C.IV was the most numerous version of the A.E.G. family, and had introduced a 160hp Mercedes D.III engine and a fixed forward firing machine gun in addition to the flexibly mounted gun of earlier machines.

The C.V was a similar aircraft, but with a more powerful 220hp Mercedes engine. Like the earlier aircraft it used welded steel tubes for the fuselage, with wooden wing ribs and a fabric covering. Part of the engine still jutted up above the fuselage, although the engine installation was much cleaner than on many earlier A.E.G. aircraft. The radiators were mounted on the sides of the cockpit.

The C.V didn't perform as well as the rival Albatros C.V, which used the same engine, and despite being somewhat heavier had a higher top speed. The A.E.G. C.V did have a faster rate of climb, but that wasn't enough to justify a production order.

Engine: Mercedes
Power: 220hp
Crew: 2
Span: 43ft 3 3/4in
Length: 24ft 11 1/4in
Empty weight: 1,980lb
Loaded weight: 3,150lb
Max speed: 103.12mph
Climb Rate: 3,280ft in 5 min

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