The A.E.G. B.II was an improved version of the A.E.G. B.I. Like the B.I it used welded steel tubes for the fuselage, with wooden wing ribs and a fabric covering. It had a

A.E.G. B.II from the left, 1915
A.E.G. B.II from the left, 1915

smaller wingspan than the B.I, with two bays instead of three. The B.II had the same ungainly engine installation as the B.I, with most of the engine exposed above the fuselage, but was given a more powerful 120hp Mercedes D.II engine. The B.II was developed late in 1914. A small number were produced, and like the B.I were used for armed reconnaissance missions.

It was followed in 1915 by the A.E.G. B.III, although that wasn't quite as successful an aircraft, and as a result the armed A.E.G. C.I was based on the B.II rather than the B.III.

Engine: Mercedes D.II inline engine
Power: 120hp
Crew: 2

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