15cm lange schwere Feldhaubitz 13

The 15cm lange schwere Feldhaubitz 13 was an improved version of the Feldhaubitz 13, the newest heavy field howitzer in German service at the outbreak of the First World War.

The Feldhaubitz 13 was a great improvement on its predecessor, the Feldhaubitz 02, with twice the rate of fire and 1,000m longer range. However the artillery always required longer range, so in an attempt to provide it a longer barrel and loading chamber was installed on the Feldhaubitz 13. This increased maximum range from 8,500m to 8,800m with the same shells, while only adding 50kg to the weight of the gun. The barrel was supported on a slider on a structure that contained the recoil mechanism. On the original 15cm sFH 13 the barrel was the same length as the slider, on the long version the barrel protruded ahead of the slider.

The 15-cm lange schwere Feldhaubitz 13 entered production in 1916, and a total of 1,550 were delivered between then and the end of the war. 1,172 of these guns were still operational at the end of the war.

Another 1,000 similar guns were produced by placing the long barrel on the chassis of the Feldhaubitz 02, to produce the lange schwere Feldhaubitz 13/02

After the end of the First World War the Germans had to destroy all of their heavy howitzers apart from twelve sFH 13 lg with 400 rounds per gun that were allowed to be kept at Konigsburg.


15-cm lange schwere Feldhaubitz 13



Barrel Length

2,250mm (L/17)

Weight for transport


Weight in action



0 to 42 degrees


4 degrees

Shell Weight


Muzzle Velocity


Maximum Range


Rate of Fire

4 rounds/ min

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