Treaty of Wilno, November 1656

The treaty of Wilno (or Nimieza) ended the first period of fighting between Poland and Russia in the Thirteen Years War (1654-1667). Russia was left in possession of large parts of Lithuania and the border lands recaptured from Poland-Lithuania at the start of the war. Tsar Alexis was to be strongly considered as the next king of Poland-Lithuania after the eventual death of John Casimir. The truce was to last for three years. At the same time the treaty established an anti-Swedish alliance between Poland-Lithuania and Russia. Fighting began again in 1658 with a Russian invasion of Lithuania, but their position was not as strong as in 1656 – the treaty of Wilno had annoyed Russia’s new Cossack allies, as had Russian behaviour towards the Cossacks. The renewed war continued until 1667, ending with the Treaty of Andrusovo

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