Siege of Bhatinda, 1191-2

The siege of Bhatinda of 1191-2 took place between the two battles of Taraoir (1191 and 1192) fought between Muhammad of Ghur and Prithviraja Chauhana III of Delhi, and saw Prithviraja recapture the fortress before suffering defeat and death during the second battle of Taraoir.

Bhatinda fell to Muhammad of Ghur during the winter of 1190-91, and was garrisoned by 1,200 cavalry under Qazi Ziya-ud-din. After taking Bhatinda Muhammad continued on to the east, before suffering a heavy defeat in the first battle of Taraori (1191). When Muhammad retreated west to Ghazni Ziya-ud-din was left behind to defend Bhatinda. Prithviraja advanced west and besieged Bhatinda.

The fortress held out for thirteen months, giving Muhammad the time he needed to gather a new army and return to India to win his great victory at Taraoir.

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