Peace of Stettin, December 1570

The Peace of Stettin ended the Nordic Seven Years War between Sweden and Denmark (1563-1570), and also ended hostilities between Sweden and Poland-Lithuania (Livonian War). Erik XV of Sweden had been deposed in 1568, and replaced by his brother John III. As duke of Finland he had been in favour of an alliance with Poland-Lithuania against the growing threat of Ivan IV’s Russia. Soon after coming to the throne he had made an unsuccessful attempt to negotiate a peace (Peace of Roskilde, 1568). Finally, in 1570 he achieved success. The Peace of Stettin saw Älvsborg returned to Sweden for 150,000 riksdalers. The freedom of the trade of Narva was guaranteed. Frederick of Denmark was recognised as the protector of Estonia, leaving Sweden with possession of Reval and Weissenstein. In the event Frederick was unable to take advantage of his new position in Estonia, and by the end of the Livonian War Sweden had won control of the area.

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