Battle of the Yalu River, 30 April-1st May 1904 (Korea)

Lasting from 30 April to 1st May 1904 the battle of Yalu river was a victory for the Japanese who in defeating the Russian army showed that an Oriental Army could defeat a European one, seriously damaging Russian prestige in the process. The Yalu river divides Korea from Manchuria and this victory in the Russo-Japanese War allowed Iwao Oyama's forces to cross the river and enter Manchuria. General Alexei Kuropatkin's orders were to resist the Japanese invasion by using a delaying action which he interpreted as mount a static defense along the Yalu with serious consequences. This war like the American civil war held many lessons about the changing nature of warfare at this time, lessons largely if not totally ignored by the Europeans who would pay the price in the trenches of the First World War.
How to cite this article: Dugdale-Pointon, TDP. (28 October 2001), Battle of the Yalu River, 30 April-1st May 1904,

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