Battle of Rajowka, 10 September 1708

The battle of Rajowka was a minor engagement during the Swedish invasion of Russia of 1709 (Great Northern War). It came during Charles XII of Sweden’s march east towards the Russian border. In the aftermath of the Swedish victory at Holowczyn on 4 July 1708, Peter the Great had withdrawn his main army into Russia, but left sizable cavalry detachments to harass the Swedish advance.

On 10 September a Russian cavalry force of at least 20 squadrons made a direct attack on Charles XII. His horse was shot from under him, his adjutant-general killed as were almost 30 of the King’s troop. Order was soon restored but most of the Russian cavalry were able to escape to safety behind swampy ground. The constant attacks on the Swedish army on the march helped play a part in diverting the Swedish army away from the direct route to Moscow via Smolensk. On 14 September Charles ordered a change in direction, south to Severia.

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