Battle of Öländ, 12-13 August 1564

The battle of Öländ was a minor Swedish naval victory over a combined Danish-Lübeck fleet during the Nordic Seven Years War. The Swedish fleet, under Klas Horn, was based close to the northern end of the island of Öländ. On 12 August the allied fleet appeared from the south, sailing on a south westerly wind. Horn withdrew towards the north east. The allied fleet anchored north of Öländ and sent men ashore to attack the island.

Later in the day the wind changed, allowing Horn to offer battle. Inconclusive fighting lasted until nightfall, when the two fleets, still intact, separated for the night. The next day there was another running fight between the two fleets, again without any result. However, that night three Danish ships were captured when they sailed straight into the Swedish fleet while attempting to rejoin the main fleet. The next day one Swedish ship ran aground in Kalmar Sound (between Öländ and the mainland), and sank while under repair.

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