Battle of Lipan, 16 June 1434

Final battle of the Bohemian War (1420-1434), fought between the moderate Calixtine faction, who had gained good terms from the defeated Emperor Sigismund, and the fanatical Taborite faction. The Taborites formed up in the 'wagonburg' formation, making a defensive position with their fortified wagons. The Calixtine attack was fought off, but they retreated in good order, rather than in the chaos that normally resulted from such a repulse, and when the Taborites sallied from the 'wagonburg', the Caixtine forces turned to face them, while their cavalry cut the Taborites off from their wagons. The Taborites were outnumbers, and the bulk of their army destroyed, while the remnants left within the wagons were easily picked off later.
How to cite this article: Rickard, J. (12 October 2000), Battle of Lipan,

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