Battle of Kolubra, 3-9 December 1914

Battle during First World War. After the fall of Belgrade, the Serbs retreated into the mountainous interior, aiming to overextend the Austrians. On 3 December, with the Austrians trapped against the flooded River Kolubra, and having received supplies from France, the Serbs launched their counterattack, and broke the Austrian line. The Austrians were able to retreat, covered by gunships on the Danube, leaving the Serbs free to liberate Belgrade (15 December). The Austrians lost half of the 450,000 troops used on this invasion of Serbia.

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coverThe First World War , John Keegan. An excellent narrative history of the First World War, especially strong on the buildup to war. Good on detail without losing the overall picture. Keegan keeps to a factual account of the war, leaving out the judgement calls that dominate some books. [see more]
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