Fifth battle of the Isonzo, 9-17 March 1916

The fifth battle of the Isonzo was a short-lived offensive launched at the request of Britain and France who wanted diversionary attacks to prevent the Central Powers moving more troops into the battle at Verdun.

The Italians gathered seven corps and two Alpini groups for the offensive, which began in fog, snow and rain on 9 March. The offensive was called off after eight days, partly because of the continuing poor weather and partly because General Cadorna was aware that the Austrians were planning an attack in the Trentino (battle of Asiago, 15 May-25 June 1916).

This was the least costly of the battles of the Isonzo. The Italians suffered 1,882 casualties, the Austrians 1,985. The next attack on the Isonzo, the sixth battle (6-17 August) would be the most successful so far, after the Italians moved their troops back from the Trentino to the Isonzo quicker than the Austrians.

Caporetto and the Isonzo Campaign, The Italian Front 1915-1918, John Macdonald with Zeljko Cimprié. An excellent study of the First World War on the Italian front, focusing on the twelve battles of the Isonzo, one of the most costly campaigns of the entire war. A good background to the campaign is followed by useful accounts of each of the battles, something quite difficult to find. [read full review]
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