Battle of Lake Ladoga, 26 June 1702

The battle of Lake Ladoga (26 June 1702) was the first of two small boat actions that forced the Swedes to withdraw from Lake Ladoga (Great Northern War). The Swedes had a small squadron of ships on the lake, consisting of three brigantines, three galleys and two boats. On 26 June the Swedish squadron was at the southern end of the lake, close to shore with part of their crew on shore pillaging.

The Russians had been building small boats on the lake. On 26 June a fleet of 18 of these small unarmed boats, carrying 400 soldiers, attacked the Swedish fleet. The Swedish flagship, the 12 gun brigantine Gjöa was damaged, as one of the boats, but the Russians were unable to capture or sink any of the Swedish boats, and the fleet was able to escape north.

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