The Armies at the Battle of Williamsburg, 5 May 1862

Union Forces

Major-General George B. McClellan, Brigadier-General Edwin V. Sumner, second in command

Third Army Corps: Brigadier-General Samual P. Heintzelman
Second Division: Brigadier-General Joseph Hooker
First Brigade: Brigadier-General Cuvier Grover
1st Massachusetts: Col. Robert Cowdin
11th Massachusetts: Col. William Blaisdell
2nd New Hampshire: Col. Gilman Marston
26th Pennsylvania: Col. William F. Small (wounded), Major Casper M. Berry
Second Brigade: Col. Nelson Taylor
70th New York: Col. William Dwight Jr (wounded, captured), Major Thomas Holt
72nd New York: Lieut.-Col. Israel Moses
73rd New York: Col. William R. Brewster
74th New York: Lieut.-Col. Charles H. Burtis
Third Brigade: Brig.-Gen. Francis E. Patterson
5th New Jersey: Col. Samuel H. Starr
6th New Jersey: Lieut.-Col. John P. Van Leer (killed), Maj. George C. Burling
7th New Jersey: Lieut.-Col. Ezra A. Carman (wounded), Maj. Francis Price, Jr
8th New Jersey: Col. Adolphus J. Johnston (wounded), Maj. Peter H. Ryerson (killed)
Artillery: Maj. Charles S. Wainwright
D, 1st New York: Capt. Thomas W. Osborn
4th New York: Capt. James E. Smith
6th New York: Capt. Walter M. Bramhall
H, 1st U.S., Capt. Charles H. Webber
Third Division: Brig.-Gen. Phillip Hearny
First Brigade: Brig.-Gen. Charles D. Jameson
87th New York: Col. Stephen A. Dodge
57th Pennsylvania: Col. Charles T. Campbell
63d Pennsylvania: Col. Alexander Hays
105th Pennsylvania: Col. Amor A. McKnight
Second Brigade: Brig.-Gen. David B. Birney
3d. Maine.: Col. Henry G. Staples
4th Maine.: Col. Elijah Walker
38th New York: Col. J. H. Hobart Ward
40th New York: Col. Edward J Riley
Third Brigade: Brig.-Gen. Hiram G. Berry
2d. Michigan: Col. Orlando M. Poe
3d Michigan: Col. Stephen G. Champlin
5th Michigan: Col. Henry D. Terry
37th New York: Col. Samuel B. Hayman
Artillery: Capt. James Thompson
B: 1st New Jersey: Capt. John E. Beam
E: 1st Rhode Island: Capt. George E. Randolph
G; 2nd U.S.: Capt. James Thompson
Fourth Army Corps: Brigadier-General Erasmus D. Keyes
5th U.S.: Major-Joseph H. Whittlesey
First Division: Brig.-Gen. Darius N. Crouch
First Brigade: Col. Julius W Adams
65th New York (1st U.S. Chasseurs): Lieut.-Col. Alexander Shaler
67th New York (1st Long Island): Lieut.-Col. Nelson Cross
23d Pennsylvania: Col. Thomas H. Neill
31st Pennsylvania: Col. David H. Williams
61st Pennsylvania: Col. Oliver H. Rippey
Second Brigade: Brig.-Gen. John J. Peck
55th New York: Col. P. Regis de Trobriand
62d New York: Col. John L. Riker
93d Pennsylvania: Col. James M. McCarter
98th Pennsylvania: Col. John F. Ballier
102d Pennsylvania: Thomas A. Rowley
Third Brigade: Brig.-Gen. Charles Devens, Jr
7th Massachusetts: Col. David A. Russell
10th Massachusetts: Col. Henry S. Briggs
2d Rhode Island: Col. Frank Wheaton

Artillery: Maj. Robert M. West
C, 1st Pennsylvania: Captain Jeremiah McCarthy
D, 1st Pennsylvania: Captain Edward H. Flood
E, 1st Pennsylvania: Captain Theodore Miller
H, 1st Pennsylvania: Captain James Brady
Second Division: Brig.-Gen. William F. Smith
First Brigade: Brig.-Gen. Winfield S. Hancock
6th Maine: Col. Hiram Burnham
43d New York: Col. Francis L. Vinton
49th Pennsylvania: Col. William H. Irwin
5th Wisconsin: Col. Amasa Cobb
Second Brigade: Brig.-Gen. W. T. H. Brooks
2d Vermont: Col. Henry Whitting
3d Vermont: Col. Breed N. Hyde
4th Vermont: Col. Edwin H. Stoughton
5th Vermont: Lieut.-Col. Lewis A. Grant
6th Vermont: Lieut-Col. Nathan Lord
Third Brigade: Temporarily under command of Hancock
7th Maine: Col. Edwin C. Mason
33d New York: Col. Robert F. Taylor
49th New York: Col. Daniel D. Bidwell
76th New York: Col. James B McKean
Artillery: Captain Romeyn B. Ayres
1st New York: Lieut. Andrew Cowan
3rd New York: Capt. Thaddeus P Mott
E, 1st New York: Capt. Charles C. Wheeler
F, 5th U.S.: Capt. Romeyn B. Ayres
Third Division: Brig.-Gen. Silas Casey
First Brigade: Brig.-Gen. Henry M. Naglee
11th Maine: Col. John C. Caldwell
56th New York: Col. Charles H. Van Wyck
110th New York: Col. James M. Brown
52nd Pennsylvania: Col. John C. Dodge Jr.
104th Pennsylvania: Col. W.W.H. Davis
Second Brigade: Brig.-Gen. William H. Kelm
96th New York: Lieut.-Col. Charles O. Gray
85th Pennsylvania: Col. Joshua B. Howell
101st Pennsylvania: Col. Joseph H. Wilson
103d Pennsylvania: Maj. Audley W. Gazzon
Third Brigade: Brig.-Gen. Innis N. Palmer
81st New York: Lieut.-Col. Jacob J. De Forest
85th New York: Col. Jonathan S. Belknap
92nd New York: Lieut.-Col. Hiram Anderson, Jr.
93d New York: Lieut-Col. Benjamin C. Butler
98th New York: Col. William Dutton
Artillery: Col. Guilford D. Bailey
7th New York: Capt. Peter C. Regan
8th New York: Capt. Butler Fitch
A, 1st New York: Capt. Thomas H. Bates
H, 1st New York: Capt. Joseph Spratt
Advance Guard: Brig.-Gen. George Stoneman, with Brig.-Gen. P. St. George Cooke and William H Emory as brigade commanders
8th Illinois: Col. John F. Farnsworth
McClellan (Illinois) Dragoons: Maj. Charles W. Barker
3d Pennsylvania: Col. William W. Averell
1st U.S.: Lieut-Col. William N. Grier
6th U.S.: Major Lawrence Williams
Artillery: Lieut.-Col. William Hays
B and L, 2d U.S.: Capt. James M. Robertson
M, 2d U.S.: Capt. Henry Benson
C, 3d U.S.: Capt. Horatio G. Gibson
K, 3d U.S.: Capt. John C. Tidball

Union Loses

Unit Killed Wounded Missing Total
Third Corps , Second Division        
", ", First Brigade 33 186 34 253
", ", Second Brigade 191 349 232 772
", ", Third Brigade 109 353 64 526
", ", Artillery 4 20 - 24
Third Corp, Third Division 2 - -  
", ", First Brigade - - - -
", ", Second Brigade 16 92 10 118
", ", Third Brigade 69 223 7 299
", ", Artillery - - - -
Fourth Corps, First Division        
", ", First Brigade - - - -
", ", Second Brigade 18 82 24 124
", ", Third Brigade 1 2 0 3
", ", Artillery - - - -
Fourth Corps, Second Division        
", ", First Brigade 8 76 1 85
", ", Second Brigade - 2 - 2
", ", Third Brigade - 10 - 10
", ", Artillery - - - -
Fourth Corps, Third Division        
", ", First Brigade - - - -
", ", Second Brigade - 2 - -
", ", Third Brigade - - - -
", ", Artillery - - - -
Advance Guard 15 33 1 49
Total 468 1442 373 2283

Most of the Advance Guard losses were suffered on 4 May

Confederate Forces

General Joseph E. Johnston. Major-General James Longstreet in command on battlefield

Second Division: Longstreet's
First Brigade: Brig. Gen. Ambrose P. Hill
1st Virginia: Col. Louis B. Williams(wounded), Maj. William H. Palmer (wounded)
7th Virginia: Col. James L. Kemper
11th Virginia: Col. Samuel Garland (wounded)
17th Virginia: Col. M. D. Corse
Second Brigade: Brig.-Gen. Richard H. Anderson (in command on left), Col. Micah Jenkins
4th South Carolina (Battalion), Maj. C. S. Mattison
5th South Carolina, Col. John R. R. Giles
6th South Carolina, Col. John Bratton
Palmetto (South Carolina) Sharp-shooters: Col. Micah Jenkins, Lieut.-Col. Joseph Walker
Louisiana Foot Rifles: Capt. McG. Goodwyn
Fauqueir (Virginia) Artillery: Capt. Robert M Stribling
Williamsburg (Virginia) Artillery (2 guns): Capt. William R. Garret
Richmond (Virginia) Howitzers (2 guns): Capt. Edward S. McCarthy
Third Brigade: Brig.-Gen. George E. Pickett
8th Virginia: Lieut.-Col. Norbourne Berkeley
18th Virginia: Lieut.-Col. Henry A. Carrington
19th Virginia: Col. John B Strange
28th Virginia: Col. Robert C. Allen
Virginia Battery: Capt. James Dearing
Fourth Brigade: Brig.-Gen. Cadmus M. Wilcox
9th Alabama: Col. Samuel Henry
10th Alabama; Col. John Woodward
19th Mississippi: Col. Christopher H. Mott (killed), Lieut.-Col. L. Q. C. Lamar
Fifth Brigade: Brig.-Gen. Roger A. Pryor
8th Alabama: Lieut.-Col. Thomas E. Irby (killed)
14th Alabama: Major O. K. McLemore
14th Louisiana: Col. R. W. Jones
32d Virginia (detachment)
Richmond (Virginia) Fayetter Artillery: Lieut. W. I. Clopton
Colston's Brigade: Brig.-Gen. R. E. Colston
13th North Carolina: Col. Alfred M. Scales
14th North Carolina: P. W. Roberts
3d Virginia: Col. Joseph Mayo
Donaldsonville (Louisiana) Battery (3 guns): Lieut. Lestang Fortier
Fourth Division: Major-Gen. Daniel H. Hill (in command on left)
Early's Brigade: Brig.-Gen. Jubal A. Early (wounded), Col. D.K McRae
5th North Carolina: Col. D.K. McRae
23d North Carolina: Col. John F. Hoke, Maj. Daniel H. Christie
24th Virginia: Col. William R. Terry (wounded), Major Richard L. Maury
38th Virginia: Lieut.-Col. Powhatan B. Whittle
Rode's Brigade: Brig.-Gen. R. E. Rodes
5th Alabama: Col. C. C. Pegues
6th Alabama: Col. John B. Gordon
12th Alabama: Col. R.T. Johnes
12th Mississippi: Col. W. H. Taylor
Rains's Brigade: Brig.-Gen. G.J. Rains
13th Alabama: Col. B. D. Fry
26th Alabama: Col: E. A. O'Neal
6th Georgia: Col. A. H. Colquitt
23d Georgia: Col. Thos. Hutcherson
Featherston's Brigade: Brig.-Gen. W. S. Featherstone
27th Georgia: Col. Levi B. Smith
28th Georgia: Col. T.J. Warthen
4th North Carolina: Col. George B. Anderson
49th Virginia: Col. William Smith
2d Florida: Col. George T. Ward (killed)
2d Mississippi Battalion: Lieutenant-Colonel John G. Taylor
Cavalry Brigade: Brig.-Gen. J.E.B. Stuart
3d Virginia: Col. Thomas F. Goode
4th Virginia: Maj. William H. Payne (wounded), Capt. R. E. Utterback
Jeff Davis Legion: Lieut.-Col. William T. Martin
Wise Legion: Col. J. Lucius Davis
Stuart Horse Artillery: Captain John Pelham

Confederate Loses

Unit Killed Wounded Missing Total
Second Division        
", First Brigade 67 245 14 326
", Second Brigade 10 75 6 91
", Third Brigade 26 138 26 190
", Fourth Brigade
", Fifth Brigade
", Colston's Brigade
not reported
Fourth Division        
Early's Brigade 30 106 70 206
Rodes's Brigade - - - -
Rains's Brigade - - - -
Featherstone's Brigade - - - -
Unattached 9 61 11 81
Cavalry Brigade 1 3   4
Total 288 975 297 1560

Figures for Early's Brigade do not include 5th North Carolina regiment, for whom no figures were reported.

Infomation taken from Battles and Leaders of the Civil War, and compiled from the Official Records

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