The Armies at the battle of Fair Oaks or Seven Pines


Major-General George B. McClellan

Second Army Corps: Brigadier-General Edwin V. Sumner
First Division: Brigadier-General Israel B. Richardson
First Brigade: Brigadier-General Oliver O. Howard (wounded), Colonel Thomas J. Parker
5th New Hampshire: Colonel E.E. Cross (wounded), Lieutenant-Colonel Samuel G. Langley
61st New York: Colonel Francis C. Barlow
64th New York: Colonel T. J. Parker, Captain Rufus Washburn
81st Pennsylvania: Colonel James Miller (killed), Lieutenant Colonel Charles F. Johnson
Second Brigade: Brigadier-General Thomas F. Meagher
63rd New York: Colonel John Burke
69th New York: Colonel Robert Nugent
88th New York: Lieutenant-Colonel Patrick Kelly
Third Brigade: Brigadier-General William H. French
52nd New York: Colonel Paul Frank
57th New York: Colonel Samuel K. Zook
66th New York: Colonel Joseph C. Pinclney
53rd Pennsylvania: Colonel John R. Brooke
Artillery: Captain G.W. Hazzard
B, 1st New York: Captain Rufus D. Pettit
G, 1st New York: Captain John D. Frank
A & C, 4th U.S.: Captain G.W. Hazzard
Second Division: Brigadier-General John Sedgewick
First Brigade: Brigadier-General Willis A. Gorman
15th Massachusetts: Lieutenant Colonel John W. Kimball
1st Minnesota: Colonel Alfred Sully
34th New York: Colonel James A. Suiter
82nd New York(2nd Militia): Lieutenant Colonel Henry W. Hudson
1st Company Massachusetts Sharp-shooters: Captain John Saunders
2nd Company Minnesota Sharp-shooters: Captain William F. Russell
Second Brigade: Brigadier-General William W. Burns
69th Pennsylvania.: Colonel Joshua T. Owen
71st Pennsylvania.: Major Charles W. Smith
72nd Pennsylvania.: Colonel De Witt C. Baxter
106th Pennsylvania.: Colonel Turner G. Morehead
Third Brigade: Brigadier-General N. J. T. Dana
19th Massachusetts: Colonel Edward W. Hinks
20th Masssachusetts: Colonel W. Raymond Lee
7th Michigan: Colonel Ira R. Grosvenor, Major John H. Richardson
42nd New York: Colonel E. C. Charles
Artillery: Colonel Charles H. Tompkins
A, 1st Rhode Island: Captain John A. Tompkins
B, 1st Rhode Island: Captain Walter O. Bartlett
G, 1st Rhode Island: Charles D. Owen
I, 1st U.S., Lieutenant Edmund Kirby
K, 6th New York: Captain Riley Johnston
Third Corps: Brigadier-General S. P. Heintzelman (commanding Third and Fourth Corps combined)
Second Division: Brigadier-General Joseph Hooker
Second Brigade: Brigadier-General Daniel E. Sickles
70th New York (1st Excelsior): Major Thomas Holt
71st New York (2nd Excelsior): Colonel George B. Hall
72nd New York (3rd Excelsior): Colonel Nelson Taylor
73rd New York (4th Excelsior): Major John D. Moriarty, Captain Charles B. Elliot
74th New York (5th Excelsior): Colonel Charles K. Graham
Third Brigade: Brigadier-General Francis E. Patterson, Colonel Samuel H. Starr
5th New Jersey: C0lonel Samuel H. Starr, Major John Ramsey
6th New Jersey: Colonel Gershom Mott

Artillery: Major Charles S. Wainwright
D, 1st New York: Captain Thomas W. Osborn
6th New York: Captain Walter M. Bramhall
Third Division: Brigadier-General Phil. Kearny
First Brigade: Brigadier-General Charles D. Jameson
87th NewYork: Colonel Stephen A. Dodge (wounded), Lieutenant Colonel Richard A. Bachia
57th Pennsylvannia: Colonel Charles T. Campbell (wounded), Lieutenant Colonel E. W. Woods
63rd Pennsylvannia: Colonel Alexander Hays
105th Pennsylvannia: Colonel Amor A. McKnight (wounded)
Second Brigade: Brigadier-General David B. Birney, Colonel J. H. H. Ward
3rd Maine: Colonel Henry G. Staples
4th Maine: Colonel Elijah Walker
38th New York: Colonel J. H. H. Ward, Major William H. Baird
40th New York: Lieutenant Colonel Thomas W. Egan
Third Brigade: Brigadier-General Hiram G. Berry
2nd Michigan: Colonel Orlando M. Poe
3rd Michigan: Colonel S. G. Champlin (wounded), Lieutenant Colonel A. A. Stevens
5th Michigan: Colonel Henry D. Terry
37th New York: Lieutenant-Colonel Gilbert Riordan (temporarily), Colonel Samuel B. Hayman
Fourth Army Corps: Brigadier-General E. D. Keyes
8th Pennsylvania: Colonel D. McM. Gregg
First Division: Brigadier-General D. N. Couch
First Brigade: Brigadier-General John J. Peck
55th New York: Lieutenant-Colonel Louis Thourot
62nd New York: Colonel J. Lafayette Riker (killed), Lieutenant-Colonel David J. Nevin
93rd Pennsylvania: Colonel J. M. McCarter (wounded), Captain John E. Arthur
102nd Pennsylvania: Colonel Thomas A. Rowley (wounded), Lieutenant-Colonel J. M. Kinkead
Second Brigade: Brigadier-General John J. Abercrombie
65th New York (1st New York Chasseurs): Colonel John Cochrane
67th New York (1st Long Island): Colonel Julius W. Adams
23rd Pennsylvania: Colonel Thomas H. Neill
31st Pennsylvania: Colonel David H. Williams
61st Pennsylvania: Colonel Oliver H. Roppey (killed), Captain Robert L. Orr
Third Brigade: Brigadier-General Charles Devens, Jr. (wounded), Colonel Charles H. Innes
7th Massachusetts: Colonel David A. Russell
10th Massachusetts: Colonel Henry S. Briggs (wounded), Captain Ozro Miller
36th New York: Colonel Charles H. Innes, Lieutenant Colonel D. E. Hungerford
Artillery: Major Robert M. West
C, 1st Pennsylvannia: Captain Jeremiah McCarthy
D, 1st Pennsylvannia: Captain Edward H. Flood
E, 1st Pennsylvannia: Captain Theodore Miller
H, 1st Pennsylvannia: Captain James Brady
Second Division: Brigadier-General Silas Casey
Provost Guard
First Brigade: Brigadier-General Henry M. Naglee
11th Maine: Colonel Harris M. Plaisted
56th New York: Lieutenant-Colonel James Jourdan
100th New York: Colonel James Brown (killed)
52nd Pennsylvannia: Colonel John C. Dodge, Jr.
104th Pennsylvannia: Colonel W. W. H. Davis (wounded), Captain Edward L. Rogers
Second Brigade: Brigadier-General Henry W. Wessells
96th New York: Colonel James Fairman
85th Pennsylvannia: Colonel Joshua B. Howell
101st Pennsylvannia: Lieutenant-Colonel David B. Morris (wounded), Captain Charles W. May
103rd Pennsylvannia: Major A. W. Gazzam

Third Brigade: Brigadier-General Innis N. Palmer
81st New York: Lieutenant-Colonel JacobJ. De Forrest (wounded), Captain W. C. Raulston
85th New York: Colonel J. S. Belknap
92nd New York: Colonel Lewis C. Hunt (wounded), Lieutenant Colonel Hiram Anderson Jr.
98th New York: Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Durkee
Artillery: Colonel Guilford D. Bailey (killed), Major D. H. Van Valkenburgh (killed), Captain Peter C. Regan
A, 1st New York: Lieutenant George P. Hart
H, 1st New York: Captain Joseph Spratt (wounded), Lieutenant Charles E. Mink
7th New York: Captain Peter C. Regan
8th New York: Captain Butler Finch
E, 1st U.S. Artillery: Lieutenant Alanson M. Randol

Union Loses

Unit Killed Wounded Missing Total
Second Corps, First Division, First Brigade 95 398 64 557
", ", Second Brigade 7 31 1 39
", ", Third Brigade 32 188 22 242
", ", Artillery - - - -
", Second Division, First Brigade 40 153 3 196
", ", Second Brigade 5 30 0 35
", ", Third Brigade 16 95 0 111
", ", Artillery 1 4 0 5
", ", Cavalry - - - -
Third Corps, Second Division, Second Brigade 7 61 6 74
", ", Third Brigade 9 67 3 79
", Third Division, Headquarters 0 1 0 1
", ", First Brigade 86 297 36 419
", ", Second Brigade 23 174 10 207
", ", Third Brigade 84 344 36 464
Fourth Corps, Cavalry 0 2 2 4
", First Division, Staff 0 1 0 1
", ", First Brigade 47 236 64 347
", ", Second Brigade 124 433 67 624
", ", Third Brigade 34 136 8 178
", ", Artillery 2 12 0 14
", Second Division, Provost Guard 0 1 2 3
", ", First Brigade 89 383 167 639
", ", Second Brigade 35 264 59 358
", ", Third Brigade 46 251 95 392
", ", Artillery 7 28 2 37
", ", Unattached 1 3 0 4
Total (Revised Official Returns) 790 3594 647 5031



General Joseph Johnston (wounded), Major-General Gustavus W. Smith, General Robert E. Lee

Right Wing: Major-General James Longstreet:
Longstreet's Division: Brigadier-General Richard H. Anderson (temporary)
Kemper's Brigade: Colonel James L. Kemper
1st Virginia
7th Virginia
11th Virginia
17th Virginia: Colonel M. D. Corse
Anderson's (R.H.) Brigade: Colonel Micah Jenkins
5th South Carolina: Colonel J. R. R. Giles (killed), Lieutenant Colonel A. Jackson
6th South Carolina: Colonel John Bratton (wounded and captured), Lieutenant-Colonel J. M. Steedman
Palmetto (South Carolina) Sharp-shooters: Maj. William Anderson
Virginia Battery: Captain Robert M. Stribling
Picketts's Brigade: Brigadier-General George E. Pickett
8th Virginia: Lieutenant-Colonel N. Berkley
18th Virginia: Colonel R. E. Withers
19th Virginia: Colonel John B. Strange
28th Virginia: Colonel William Watts
Virginia Battery: Captain James Dearing
Wilcox's Brigade: Brigadier-General Cadmus M. Wilcox
9th Alabama: Lieutenant-Colonel Stephen F. Hale
10th Alabama: Major J. J. Woodward
11th Alabama: Colonel Sydenham Moor (mortally wounded)
19th Mississipii: Major John Mullins
Colston's Brigade: Brigadier-General R. E. Colston
13th North Carolina
14th North Carolina
3rd Virginia
Pryor's Brigade: Brigadier-General Roger A. Pryor
8th Alabama
14th Alabama
14th Louisianna
Hill's Division: Major-General Daniel H. Hill
Garlands's Brigade: Birgadier-General Samuel Garland, Jr.
2nd Florida: Colonel E. A. Perry
2nd Mississippi Battalion: Lieutenant-Colonel John G. Taylor
5th North Carolina: Colonel Danel H. Christie, Lieutenant-Colonel R. D. Johnston (wounded)
24th Virginia: Major Richard L. Maury (wounded)
38th Virginia: Colonel E. C. Edmonds
Alabama Battery: Captain J. W. Bondurant
Rodes's Brigade: Brigadier-General R. E. Rodes (wounded), Colonel John B. Gordon
5th Alabama: Colonel C. C. Pegues
6th Alabama: Colonel John B. Gordon
12th Alabama: Colonel R. T. Jones (killed), Lieutenant-Colonel B. B. Gayle
12th Mississippi: Colonel W. H. Taylor
4th Virginia Battalion: Captain C. C. Otey (killed), Captain John R. Bagby
Virginia Battery: Captain Thomas H. Carter
Rains's Brigade: Brigadier-General Gabriel J. Rains
13th Alabama: Colonel D. B. Fry (wounded)
26th Alabama: Colonel E. A. O'Neal (wounded)
6th Georgia
23rd Georgia
Featherston's Brigade: Colonel George B. Anderson
27th Georgia: Colonel Levi B. Smith(wounded), Lieutenant-General Charles T. Zachry
28th Georgia: Captain John N. Wilcox
4th North Carolina: Major Bryan Grimes
49th Virginia: Colonel William Smith (wounded)
Huger's Division: Brigadier-General Benjamin Huger
Armistead's Brigade: Brigadier-General Lewis A. Armistead
5th Virginia
9th Virginia: Colonel D. J. Godwin (wounded)
14th Virginia:
53rd Virginia: Colonel H. B. Tomlin
Mahone's Brigade: Brigadier-General William Mahone
3rd Alabama: Colonel Tennent Lomax (killed)
12th Virginia
41st Virginia
Blanchard's Brigade: Brigadier-General A. G. Blanchard
3rd Georgia
4th Georgia
22nd Georgia
1st Loiusianna
Artillery not mentioned above
Louisianna Battery: Captain Victor Maurin
Virginia Battery: Captain David Watson
Left Wing: Major-General Gustavus W. Smith
Smith's Division: Brigadier-General W. H. C. Whiting (temporarily)
Whiting's Brigade: Colonel E. McIver Law
4th Alabama
2nd Mississippi
11th Mississippi
6th North Carolina
Hood's Brigade: Brigadier-General John B. Hood
18th Georgia: Colonel W. T. Wofford or Lieutenant-Colonel S. Z. Ruff
1st Texas: Colonel A. T. Rainey
4th Texas: Colonel John Marshall
5th Texas: Colonel James J. Archer
Hampton's Brigade: Brigadier-General Wade Hampton (wounded)
14th Georgia
19th Georgia
16th North Carolina
Hampton (South Carolina) Legion: Lieutenant-Colonel M.W. Gary
Hatton's Brigade: Brigadier-General Robert Hatton (killed)
1st Tennessee
7th Tennessee
14th Tennessee
Pettigrew's Brigade: Brigadier-General J. J. Pettigrew (wounded and captured)
Arkansas Battalion
35th Georgia
22nd North Carolina
47th Virginia

Confederate Loses

Unit Killed Wounded Missing Total
Right Wing, Longstreet's Division, Kemper's Brigade        
", ", Anderson's (R.H.) Brigade        
", ", Picketts's Brigade
", ", Wilcox's Brigade
", ", Colston's Brigade        
", ", Pryor's Brigade        
", Hill's Division, Garlands's Brigade 98 600 42 740
", ", Rodes's Brigade 241 853 5 1099
", ", Rains's Brigade        
", ", Featherston's Brigade 149 680 37 866
", Huger's Division, Armistead's Brigade        
", ", Mahone's Brigade        
", ", Blanchard's Brigade        
", Artillery        
Total losses reported by Longstreet 816 3739 296 4851
Left Wing, Smith's Division, Whiting's Brigade 28 286 42 346
", ", Hood's Brigade 0 13 0 13
", ", Hampton's Brigade 45 284 0 329
", ", Hatton's Brigade 44 187 13 244
", ", Pettigrew's Brigade 47 240 54 341
Total losses reported by Smith 164 1010 109 1283
Overall Totals 980 4749 405 6134

Numbers Engaged in the battle

One feature of the Battle of Seven Pines was that neither side managed to get all of their troops into the fighting. The following summary also comes from the Battles and Leaders articles:

The following synopsis, from the "Records" and other data, is by Gustavus W. Smith:

The Union Army numbered 98,008, of which about 5000 were on detached service: "Present for duty," Sumner's Corps, 17,412; Heintzelman's Corps, 16,999; Keyes's Corps, 17,132; Porter's Corps, 17,546; Franklin's Corps, 19,580; Engineers, Cavalry and Provost Guard, 4767. Each corps was composed of two divisions of nearly equal strength.

The aggregate present for duty in the three Union Corps that were engaged was 51,543. The number "in close action" on the Williamsburg road, May 31st, was about 11,853, with full complement of artillery; these included 4253 in Casey's division, about 4000 in Couch's division, and about 3600 in Kearny's division. Near Fair Oaks, there were engaged about 9000, with 10 pieces of artillery: these included Sedgwick's division, about 7000, and 4 regiments of Couch's division, about 2000.

The Union troops engaged, June 1st, numbered about 14,000: Richardson's division, about 7000, with 4 batteries; 1 brigade of Kearny's division, about 1500; and 1 brigade and 2 regiments of Hooker's division, about 3500; there was no artillery with Kearny and Hooker.

General Johnston estimates the strength of his army at 73,928. Other authorities place it at 62,696. The"Official Records" show that, on the 21st of May, Johnston's army was 53,688: Smith's division, 10,592; Longstreet's division, 13,816; Magruder's division (including D. R. Jones's division), 15,920; D. H. Hill's division, 11,151; cavalry and reserve artillery, 2209. Before May 31st, this force was increased by the arrival of A. P. Hill's division (estimated), 4000, and Huger's division (estimated), 5008. One of the five brigades of D. H. Hill's division was detached before May 31st.

The aggregate of the 4 Confederate divisions engaged was about 39,000.The number "in close action" on the Williamsburg road, May 31st, was about 9,520, with 2 batteries- including 7580 in D. H. Hill's division, and 1950 of Longstreet's division. Near Fair Oaks, 4 brigades of G. W. Smith's division (under Whiting), 8670; no artillery.

The number of Confederates engaged, June 1, was about 8300; in Huger's division about 3300; in Longstreet's division, about 5000. No artillery was advanced into action.

Based on Battles and Leaders of the Civil War: II: North to Antietam, pp.218-9

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