The Armies at the Battle of Kernstown


Brigadier-General James Shields (wounded), Colonel Nathan Kimball

First Brigade: Colonel Nathan Kimball (also commanded the division on the field)
14th Indiana: Lieutenant Colonel William Harrow
8th Ohio: Colonel Samuel S. Carroll
67th Ohio: Lieutenant-Colonel Alvin C. Viris
84th Pennsylvania: Colonel William G. Murrey (killed)
Second Brigade: Colonel Jeremiah C. Sullivan
39th Illinois: Colonel Thomas O. Osborn
13th Indiana: Lieutenant-Colonel Robert S. Foster
5th Ohio: Lieutenant-Colonel John H. Patrick
62nd Ohio: Colonel Francis B. Pond
Third Brigade: Colonel Erastus B. Tyler
7th Indiana: Lieutenant-Colonel John F. Creek
7th Ohio: Lieutenant-Colonel Lieutenant-Colonel William R. Creighton
29th Ohio: Colonel Lewis P. Buckley
110th Pennsylvania: Colonel William D. Lewis, Jr.
1st West Virginia: Colonel Thomas Thoburn
Cavalry: Colonel Thornton F. Brodhead
1st Squadron Pennsylvania: Captain John Keys
Independent Companies, Maryland: Captains Henry A. Cole, William Firey and John Horner
1st West Virginia (Battalion): Major B. F. Chamberlain
1st Ohio (Company's A and C): Captain Nathan D. Menken
1st Michigan (Battalion): Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph T. Copeland
Artillery: Lieutenant-Colonel Philip Daum
A, West Virginia: Captain John Jenks
B, West Virginia
H, 1st Ohio: Captain James F. Huntington
L, 1st Ohio: Captain Lucius N. Robinson
E, 4th U.S.: Captain Joseph C. Clark, jr.

Union Loses

Unit Killed Wounded Missing Total
First Brigade 45 200 1 246
Second Brigade 23 69 0 92
Third Brigade 43 171 21 235
Cavalry 3 6 0 9
Artillery 4 2 0 6


Major-General Thomas J. Jackson

Garnett's Brigade: Brigadier-General R. B. Garnet
2nd Virginia: Colonel J. W. Allen
4th Virginia: Lieutenant-Colonel Charles A. Ronald, Major A. G. Pendleton
5th Virginia: Colonel William H. Harman
27th Virginia: Colonel John Echols (wounded), Lieutenant-Colonel A. J. Grigsby
33rd Virginia: Colonel Arthur C. Cummings
Virginia Battery (Rockbridge Artillery): Captain James H. Wateres
Virginia Battery: Captain Joseph Carpenter
Burks's Brigade: Colonel Jesse S. Burks's
21st Virginia: Lieutenant-Colonel John M. Patton, Jr.
42nd Virginia: Lieutenant-Colonel D. A. Langhorne
1st Virginia (Irish) Battalion: Captain D. B. Bridgford
Virginia Battery: Lieutenant James Pleasants
Fulkerson's Brigade: Colonel Samuel V. Fulkerson
23rd Virginia: Lieutenant-Colonel Alex. G. Taliaferro
37th Virginia: Lieutenant-Colonel R. P. Carson
Virginia Battery (Danville Artilley): Lieutenant A. C. Lanier
7th Virginia: Colonel Turner Ashby
Virginia Battery: Captain. R. P. Chew

Confederate Loses

Unit Killed Wounded Missing Total
Garnett's Brigade 40 168 153 361
Burk's Brigade 24 114 39 167
Fulkerson's Brigade 15 76 71 162
Cavalry 1 17 18 0
Total 80 375 263 718

Numbers Engaged in the Battle

General Shields reports ("Official Records", XII., Pt. I., p.342"): "Our forces in infantry, cavalry and artillery did not exceed 7000 ... We had 6000 infantry, a cavalry force of 750 and 24 pieces of artillery."

General Jackson in his report ("Official Records", XII, Pt. I., p.383): "Our number present on the evening of the battle was, of infantry, 3087, of which 2742 were engaged; 27 pieces of artillery, of which 18 were engaged. Owing to recent heavy cavalry duty and the extent of the country to be protected, only 290 of this arm were present to take part in the engagement.

Based on Battles and Leaders of the Civil War: II: North to Antietam, pp.299-300

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