The Armies at the Second Battle of Bull Run, 29-30 August 1862


Army of Virginia: Major-General John Pope

First Corps: Major-General Franz Sigel
Escort: 1st Indiana Cavalry (2 companies): Captain Abram Sharra
First Division: Brigadier-General Robert C. Schenck (wounded), Brigadier-General Julis Stahel
First Brigade: Brigadier-General Julius Stahel, Colonel Adolphus Buschbeck
8th New York: Lieutenant-Colonel Carl B. Hedterich
41st New York: Lieutenant-Colonel Ernest W. Holmstedt
45th New York: Lieutenant-Colonel Edward C. Wratislaw
27th Pennsylvania: Colonel Adolphus Huschbeck, Lieutenant-Colonel Lorenz Cantador
2nd New York Battery: Captain Louis Schirmer, Lieutenant F. J. T. Blume
Second Brigade: Colonel Nathaniel C. McLean
25th Ohio: Colonel William P. Richardson
55th Ohio: Major Robert Relly
K, 1st Ohio Artillery: Lieutenant George B. Haskin
Second Division: Brigadier-General Adolph von Steinwehr
First Brigade: Colonel John A. Koltes (killed), Lieutenant-Colonel Gust. A. Muhleck
29th New York: Colonel Clemens Soest (wounded), Major Louis Hartmann
68th New York: Lieutenant-Colonel John H. Kleefish (mortally wounded)
73rd Pennsylvania: Lieutenant-Colonel Gust. A. Muhleck
Third Division: Brigadier-General Carl Schurz
First Brigade: Brigadier-General Henry Bohlen (killed), Colonel Alexander Schimmelfennig
61st Ohio: Colonel Newton Schleich, Lieutenant-Colonel Stephen J. McGroarty
74th Pennsylvania: Major Franz Blessing
8th West Virginia: Captain Hedgman Slack
F, Pennsylvania Artillery: Captain Robert B. Hampton
Second Brigade: Colonel Wladimir Krzyzanowski
54th New York: Lieutenant Colonel Charles Ashby
58th New York: Major William Henkel (wounded), Captain Frederick Braun
75th Pennsylvania: Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Mahler (wounded)
L, 2nd New York Artillery: Captain Jacob Roemer
C: 3rd West Virginia Cavalry: Jonathan Stahl
I: 1st Ohio Artillery: Captain Hubert Dilger
Independent Brigade: Brigadier-General Robert H. Milroy
2nd West Virginia: Colonel George R. Latham
3rd West Virginia: Colonel David T. Hewes
5th West Virginia: Colonel John L. Zeigler
82nd Ohio: Colonel James Cantwell (killed)
C, E and L, 1st West Virginia Cavalry: Major John S. Krepps
12th Ohio Battery: Captain Aaron C. Johnson
Cavalry Brigade: Colonel John Beardsley
1st Connecticut (Battalion): Captain L. N. Middlebrook
1st Maryland: Lieutenant-Colonel C. Wetschky
4th New York: Lieutenant-Colonel Ferries Nazer
9th New York: Major Charles McL. Knox
6th Ohio: Colonel William R. Lloyd
Reserve Artillery: Captain Frank Buell (killed), Captain Louis Schirmer
I, 1st New York: Captain Michael Wiedrich
13th New York: Captain Julius Dieckmann
C, West Virginia: Lieutenant Wallace Hill
Second Army Corps: Major-General Nathaniel P. Banks
(This corps, excepting its cavalry, was not engaged in any of the principle battles.)
First Division: Brigadier-General Alpheus S. Williams
First Brigade: Brigadier-General Samuel W. Crawford
5th Connecticut: Captain James A. Betts
10th Maryland: Colonel George L. Beal
28th New York: Captain William H. H. Mapes
46th Pennsylvania: Lieutenant-Colonel James L. Selfridge
Third Brigade: Brigadier-General George H. Gordon
2nd Massachusetts: Colonel George L. Andrews
27th Indiana: Colonel Silas Colgrove
3rd Wisconsin: Colonel Thomas H. Ruger
Second Division: Brigadier-General George S. Greene
First Brigade: Brigadier-General Colonel Charles Candy, Colonel John H. Pattrick
5th Ohio: Colonel John J. Patrick, Major John Collins
7th Ohio: Colonel William R. Creighton, Captain Frederick A. Seymour, Captain Orrin J. Crane
29th Ohio: Captain Wilbur F. Stevens, Captain Jonas Schoonover, Lieutenant Theron E. Winship
66th Ohio: Lieutenant-Colonel Eugene Powell
29th Pennsylvannia: Colonel Gabriel De Korponay
Second Brigade: Colonel Matthew Schlaudecker, Colonel Thomas B. Van Buren
3d Maryland: Colonel David P. De Witt
102nd New York: Colonel Thomas B. Van Buren
109th Pennsylvannia: Colonel Henry J. Stainrock
111th Pennsylvannia: Major Thomas M. Walker
Third Brigade: Colonel James A. Tait
3rd Delaware: Colonel William O. Redde, Lieutenant-Colonel Samuel H. Jenkins
1st District of Columbia: Lieutenant-Colonel Lemuel Towers, Captain Marvin P. Fisher
60th New York: Colonel William B. Goodrich
78th New York: Lieutenant-Colonel Jonathan Austin
Purnell Legion, Maryland: Colonel William J. Leonard (captured), Lieutenant-Colonel Benjamin L. Simpson
Artillery: Captain Clermont L. Best
4th Maine: Captain O'Neil W. Robinson Jr.
M, 1st New York: Captain George W. Cothran
10th New York: Captain John T. Bruen
E, Pennsylvannia: Captain Joseph M. Knap
F, 4th U.S.: Lieutenant Edward D. Muhlenberg
Cavalry Brigade: Brigadier-General John Buford
1st Michigan: Colonel Thornton F. Brodhead (mortally wounded), Major Charles H. Town
5th New York: Colonel Othniel DeForest
1st Vermont: Colonel Charles H. Tompkins
1st West Virginia: Lieutenant-Colonel Nathaniel P. Richmond
Third Army Corps: Major-General Irvin McDowell
First Division: Brigadier-General Rufus King, Brigadier-General John P. Hatch (wounded), Brigadier-General Abner Doubleday
First Brigade: Brigadier-General John P. Hatch, Colonel Timothy Sullivan
22nd New York: Colonel Walter Phelps, Jr.
24th New York: Colonel Timothy Sullivan
30th New York: Colonel Edward Frisby (killed)
84th New York (14th Militia): Lieutenant-Colonel Edward B. Fowler (wounded), Major William H. de Bevoise
2nd U.S. Sharpshooters: Colonel Henry A.V. Post
Second Brigade: Brigadier-General Abner Doubleday, Colonel William P. Wainwright
56th Pennsylvania: Colonel Sullivan A. Meredith (wounded), Lieutenant-Colonel J. William Hofmann
76th New York: Colonel William P. Wainwright
95th New York: Lieutenant-Colonel James B. Post
Third Brigade: Brigadier-General Marsena R. Patrick
21st New York: Colonel William F. Rogers
23rd New York: Lieutenant-Colonel Nirom M. Crane
35th New York: Colonel Newton B. Lord
80th New York (20th Militia): Colonel George W. Pratt (mortally wounded), Lieutenant-Colonel Theodore B. Gates

Fourth Brigade: Brigadier-General John Gibbon
2nd Wisconsin: Colonel Edgar O'Connor (killed), Lieutenant Colonel Lucius Fairchild
6th Wisconsin: Colonel Lysander Cutler (wounded), Lieutenant Colonel Edward S. Bragg
7th Wisconsin: Colonel William W. Robinson (wounded), Lieutenant-Colonel Charles A. Hamilton (wounded), Lieutenant-Colonel Lucius Fairchild
19th Indiana: Colonel Solomon Meredith
1st New Hampshire: Captain George A. Gerrish (captured), Lieutenant Frederick M. Edgell
D: 1st Rhode Island: Captain J. Alber Monroe
L: 1st New York: Captain John A. Reynolds
B: 4th U.S.: Captain Joseph B. Campbell
Second Division: Brigadier-General James B. Ricketts
First Brigade: Brigadier-General Abram Duryea
97th New York: Lieutenant-Colonel John P. Spofford
104th New York: Major Lewis C. Skinner
105th New York: Colonel Howard Carroll
107th Pennsylvannia: Colonel Thomas F. McCoy
Second Brigade: Brigadier-General Zealous B. Tower (wounded), Colonel William H. Christian
26th New York: Colonel William H. Christian, Lieutenant-Colonel Richard H. Richardson
94th New York: Colonel Adrian R. Root (wounded)
88th Pennsylvannia: Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph A. McLean (killed), Major George W. Gile
90th Pennsylvannia: Colonel Peter Lyle
Third Brigade: Brigadier-General George L. Hartsuff, Colonel John W. Stiles
12th Massachusetts: Colonel Fletcher Webster (killed), Lieutenant-Colonel Timothy M. Bryan, Jr.
13th Massachusetts: Colonel Samuel H. Leonard
83rd New York (9th Militia): Colonel John W. Stiles, Lieutenant-Colonel William Atterbury
11th Pennsylvannia: Colonel Richard Coulter
Fourth Brigade: Colonel Joseph Thoburn (wounded)
7th Indiana: Lieutenant-Colonel John F. Cheek
84th Pennsylvannia: Colonel Samuel M. Bowman
110th Pennsylvannia: Colone William D. Lewis, Jr
1st West Virginia: Lieutenant-Colonel HEnry B. Hubbard
2nd Maine: Captain James A. Hall
5th Maine: Captain G. F. Leppien
F, 1st Pennsylvannia: Captain Ezra W. Matthews
C, Pennsylvannia: Captain James Thompson
Cavalary Brigade: Brigadier-General George D. Bayard
1st Maine: Colonel Samuel H. Allen
2d New York: Colonel J. Mansfield Davies
1st New Jersey: Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph Kargé (wounded), Major Ivins D. Jones
1st Pennsylvannia: Colonel Owen Jones
1st Rhode Island: Colonel A. N. Duffié
Reynolds's Division (temporarily attached): Brigadier-General John F. Reynolds
First Brigade: Brigadier-General George G. Meade
3rd Pennsylvannia Reserves: Colonel Horatio G. Sickel
4th Pennsylvannia Reserves: Colonel Albert L. Magilton
7th Pennsylvannia Reserves: Lieutenant-Colonel Robert M. Henderson (wounded), Colonel Henry C. Bolinger
8th Pennsylvannia Reserves: Captain William Lemon
13th Pennsylvannia Reserves or 1st Rifles (6 companies): Colonel Hugh W. McNeil
Second Brigade: Brigadier-General Truman Seymour
1st Pennsylvannia Reserves: Colonel R. Biddle Roberts
2nd Pennsylvannia Reserves: Colonel William McCandless (wounded)
5th Pennsylvannia Reserves: Colonel Joseph W. Fisher, Lieutenant-Colonel George Dare
6th Pennsylvannia Reserves: Colonel William Sinclair
Third Brigade: Brigadier-General Conrad F. Jackson, Colonel Martin D. Hardin (wounded), Colonel James T. Kirk (wounded), Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Anderson
9th Pennsylvania Reserves: Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Anderson, Major J McK Snodgrass
10th Pennsylvania Reserves: Colonel James T. Kirk
11th Pennsylvania Reserves: Lieutenant-Colonel Samuel M. Jackson
12th Pennsylvania Reserves: Colonel Martin D. Hardin
Artillery: Captain Dunbar R. Ransom
A, 1st Pennsylvania: Captain John G. Simpson
B, 1st Pennsylvania: Captain James H. Cooper
G, 1st Pennsylvania: Captain Mark Kerns (mortally wounded), Lieutenant Frank P. Amsden
C, 5th U.S: Captain Dunbar R. Ransom
3rd Maine Battery (Pontonniers): Captain James G. Swett
16th Indiana Battery: Captain Charles A. Naylor
E, 4th U.S. Artillery: Captain Joseph C. Clark, Jr.
3rd Indiana Cavalry (detachment)
C, G, H and I, 13th Pennsylvania Reserves (1st Rifles): Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas L. Kane
Reserve Corps: Brigadier-General Samuel D. Sturgis
Piatt's Brigade (temporarily attached to Fifth Army Corps 27-31 August: Brigadier-General A. Sanders Piatt
63rd Indiana (4 companies): Lieutenant-Colonel John S. Williams
86th New York: Colonel Benajah P. Bailey
2nd New York Heavy Artillery: Colonel Gustav Waagner
11th New York Battery: Captain Albert A. von Puttkammer
C: 1st New York Artillery (detachment): Lieutenat Samuel R. James

Army of the Potomac

Third Army Corps: Major-General S. P. Heintzelman
First Division: Major-General Philip Kearny (killed), Brigadier-General David B. Birney
First Brigade: Brigadier-General John C. Robinson
20th Indiana: Colonel William L. Brown (killed), Major John Wheeler
63th Pennsylvania: Colonel Alexander Hays (wounded), Captain James F. Ryan
105th Pennsylvania: Lieutenant-Colonel Calvin A. Craig (wounded), Major Jacob W. Greenawalt
Second Brigade: Brigadier-General David B. Birney
3rd Maine: Captain Moses B. Lakeman, Major Edwin Burt
4th Maine: Colonel Elijah Walker
1st New York: Major Edward Burt, Captain Joseph Yeamans
38th New York: Colonel J. H. Hobart Ward
40th New York: Colonel Thomas W. Egan
101st New York: Lieutenat-Colonel Nelson A. Gesner
57th Pennsylvannia: Major William Birney
Third Brigade: Colonel Orlando M. Poe
37th New York: Colonel Samuel B. Hayman
99th Pennsylvania: Colonel Asher S. Leidy
2nd Michigan: Lieutenant-Colonel Louis Dillman
3rd Michigan: Colonel Stephen G. Champlin, Major Byron R. Pierce
5th Michigan: Captain William Wakenshaw
E, 1st Rhode Island: Captain George E. Randolph
K, 1st U.S.: Captain William M. Graham
Second Division: Major-General Joseph Hooker, Brigadier-General Cuvier Grover
First Brigade: Brigadier-General Cuvier Grover, Colonel Robert Cowdin
2nd New Hampshire: Colonel Gilman Marston
1st Massachusetts: Colonel Robert Cowdin, Captain Clark B. Baldwin
11th Massachusetts: Colonel William Blaisdell
16th Massachusetts: Major Gardner Banks
26th Pennsylvania: Major Robert L. Bodine
Second Brigade: Colonel Nelson Taylor
70th New York: Captain Charles L. Young
71st New York: Lieutenant-Colonel Henry L. Potter (wounded), Captain Owen Murphy
72nd New York: Captain Harman J. Bliss
73rd New York: Captain Alfred A. Donalds (mortally wounded), Captain M. William Burns
74th New York: Major Edward L. Price
Third Brigade: Colonel Joseph B. Carr
2nd New York: Captain Sidney W. Park
5th New Jersey: Lieutenant-Colonel William J. Sewell
6th New Jersey: Colonel Gershom Mott (wounded), Lieutenant-Colonel George C. Burling
7th New Jersey: Colonel Joseph W. Revere
8th New Jersey: Lieutenant-Colonel William Ward (wounded), Captain John Tuite (killed), Captain George Hoffman, Captain Oliver S. Johnson, Captain Daniel Blauvelt, Jr.
115th Pennsylvania: Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Thompson
6th Maine Battery: Captain Freeman McGilvery
Fifth Army Corps: Major-General Fitz-John Porter
First Division: Major-General George W. Morell
First Brigade: Colonel Charles W. Roberts
2nd Maine: Major Daniel F. Sargent
18th Massachusetts: Captain Stephen Thomas, Major Joseph Hayes
22nd Massachusetts (not in action): Captain Mason W. Burt
13th New York: Colonel Elisha G. Marshall
25th New York: Colonel Charles A. Johnston
1st Michigan: Colonel Horace S. Roberts (killed), Captain Emery W. Belton
Second Brigade (not in action): Brigadier-General Charles Griffin
9th Massachusetts: Colonel Patrick R. Guiney
32nd Massachusetts: Colonel Francis J. Parker
14th New York: Colonel James McQuade
62nd Pennsylvania: Colonel Jacob B. Sweitzer
4th Michigan: Colonel Jonathan W. Childs
Third Brigade: Brigadier-General Daniel Butterfield (commanded First and Third Brigades on 30th August), Colonel Henry S. Lansing, Colonel Henry A. Weeks (wounded), Colonel James C. Rice
12th New York: Colonel Henry A. Weeks, Captain Augustus I. Root (wounded), Captain William Huson, Captain Ira Wood
17th New York: Colonel Henry S. Lansing, Major W. T. C. Grower (wounded), Captain John Vickers
44th New York: Colonel James C. Rice, Major Freeman Conner
83rd Pennsylvania: Lieutenant-Colonel Hugh S. Campbell (wounded), Major William H. Lamont (wounded), Captain John Graham (wounded), Captain Orpheus S. Woodward
16th Michigan: Captain Thomas J. Barry (wounded), Captain Henry H. Sibley
1st U.S. : Colonel Hiram Berdan
3rd Massachusetts (not in action): Captain Augustus P. Martin
C, 1st Rhode Island: Captain Richard Waterman
D, 5th U.S.: Lieutenant Charles E. Hazlett
Second Division: Brigadier-General George Sykes
First Brigade: Lieutenant-Colonel Robert C. Buchanan
3rd U.S.: Captain John D. Wilkins
4th U.S.: Captain Joseph B. Collins (wounded), Captain Hiram Dryer
12th U.S. (1st Battalion): Captain Matthew M. Blunt
14th U.S. (1st Battalion): Captain John D. O'Connell (wounded), Captiain W. Harvey Brown
14th U.S. (2nd Battalion): Captain David B. McKibbin
Second Brigade: Lieutenant-Colonel William Chapman
G: 1st U.S., Captain Matthew R. Marston
2nd U.S.: Major Charles S. Lovell
6th U.S.: Captain Levi C. Bootes
10th U.S.: Major Charles S. Lovell
11th U.S.: Major De Lancey Floyd-Jones
17th U.S. Major George L. Andrews
Third Brigade: Colonel Gouverneur K. Warren
5th New York: Captain Cleveland Winslow
10th New York: Colonel John E. Bendix
Artillery: Captain Stephen H. Weed
E and G, 1st U.S.: Lieutenant Alanson M. Randol
I, 5th U.S.: Captain Stephen H. Weed
K, 5th U.S.:Captain John R. Smead (killed), Lieutenant William E. Van Reed
Sixth Army Corps
First Division
First Brigade (engaged only at Bull Run Bridge, 27 August: Brigadier-General George W. Taylor (mortally wounded), Colonel Henry W. Brown
1st New Jersey: Major William Henry Jr.
2nd New Jersey: Colonel Samuel L. Buck
3rd New Jersey: Colonel Henry W. Brown
4th New Jersey: Captain Napoleon B. Aaronson, Captain Thomas M. Fetters
Ninth Army Corps: Major-General Jesse L. Reno
First Division: Major-General Isaac I. Stevens (killed), Colonel Benjamin C. Christ
First Brigade: Colonel Benjamin C. Christ
50th Pennsylvania: Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas S. Brenholtz (wounded), Major Edward Overton Jr.
8th Michigan: Lieutenant-Colonel Frank Graves, Captain Ralph Ely
Second Brigade: Colonel Daniel Leasure (wounded), Lieutenant-Colonel David A. Leckey
46th New York (5 companies): Colonel Rudolph Rosa (wounded), Major Julius Parcus
100th Pennsylvania: Lieutenant Colonel David A. Leckey, Captain James E. Cornelius (wounded), Captain Hillery W. Squier
Third Brigade: Colonel Addison Farnsworth (wounded), Lieutenant-Colonel David Morrison
28th Massachusetts: Major George W. Cartwright (wounded), Captain Andrew P Caraher
79th New York: Major William St. George Elliot (wounded), Lieutenant-Colonel David Morrison
8th Massachusetts: Captain Asa M. Cook
E, 2nd U.S.: Lieutenant Samuel N. Benjamin
Second Division: Major-General Jesse L. Reno
First Brigade: Colonel James Nagle
6th New Hampshire: Colonel G. Griffin
48th Pennsylvania: Lieutenant-Colonel Joshua K. Sigfried
2nd Maryland: Lieutenant-Colonel J. Eugene Duryea
Second Brigade: Colonel Edward Ferrero
21st Massachusetts: Colonel William S. Clark
51st New York: Lieutenant-Colonel Robert B. Potter
51st Pennsylvania: Colonel John F. Hartranft
Kanawha Division (enroute to join Pope from West Virginia)
First Provisional Brigade (engaged only at Bull Run Bridge, 27 August): Colonel E. Parker Scammon
11th Ohio: Major Lyman J. Jackson
12th Ohio: Colonel Carr B. White
30th Ohio: Lieutenant-Colonel Theodore Jones
36th Ohio: Colonel George Crook

Union Loses

Army of Virginia

Unit Killed Wounded Missing Total
First Corps, First Division, First Brigade 40 96 33 169
", ", Second Brigade 57 272 105 434
", Second Division, First Brigade 47 294 60 401
", Third Division, First Brigade 26 96 36 158
", ", Second Brigade 48 274 50 372

",", Unattached

0 4 0 4
", Independent Brigade 70 256 81 437
", Cavalry Brigade 3 15 65 83
", Reserve Artillery 4 22 0 26
Second Corps, First Division, First Brigade 0 0 15 15
", ", Third Brigade 0 0 0 0
", Second Division, First Brigade 0 0 0 0
", ", Second Brigade 2 25 3 30
", ", Third Brigade 2 11 65 78
", ", Artillery 0 0 0 0
", Cavalry Brigade 15 35 150 200
Third Corps, First Division, Staff 0 1 0 1
", ", First Brigade 95 382 295 772
", ", Second Brigade 18 192 237 447
", ", Third Brigade 56 334 178 568
", ", Fourth Brigade 148 626 120 894
", ", Artillery 7 25 14 46
", Second Division, First Brigade 29 138 224 391
", ", Second Brigade 66 338 292 696
", ", Third Brigade 87 305 265 657
", ", Fourth Brigade 5 34 75 114
", ", Artillery 5 30 19 54
", Cavalry Brigade 13 44 70 127
", Reynold's Division, First Brigade 12 96 77 186
", ", Second Brigade 13 83 42 138
", ", Third Brigade 33 172 82 287
", ", Artillery 8 48 10 66
", Unattached 0 5 21 26
", ", Reserve Corps, Piatt's Brigade 16 84 45 145
", ", Unattached 0 10 67 77
Total 925 4347 2796 8099

Army of the Potomac

Unit Killed Wounded Missing Total
Third Corp, First Division, Staff 1 0 1 2
", ", First Brigade 26 166 25 217
", ", Second Brigade 56 459 114 629
", ", Third Brigade 25 115 38 178
", ", Artillery 2 1 0 3
", Second Division, First Brigade 55 329 103 487
", ", Second Brigade 47 217 65 329
", ", Third Brigade 48 238 107 393
", ", Unattached 4 9 5 18
Fifth Army Corps, First Division, First Brigade 103 374 99 576
", ", Second Brigade 0 0 0 0
", ", Third Brigade 70 357 163 590
", ", Sharp-shooters 5 41 15 61
", ", Artillery 0 5 1 6
", Second Division, First Brigade 31 189 65 285
", ", Second Brigade 19 159 40 218
", ", Third Brigade 102 235 75 412
", ", Artillery 1 2 0 3
Sixth Army Corps, First Division, First Brigade 9 126 204 339
Ninth Army Corps, First Division, Staff 1 0 0 1
", ", First Brigade 29 175 27 231
", ", Second Brigade 20 133 10 163
", ", Third Brigade 42 267 30 339
", ", Artillery 3 10 0 13
", Second Division, First Brigade 76 259 183 518
", ", Second Brigade 33 156 69 258
Kanawha Division, First Provision Brigade 14 50 42 106
", Unattached 0 0 0 0
Total 822 4072 1481 6375
Combined Total (as reported) 1747 8452 4263 14462


Army of Northern Virginia: General Robert E. Lee

Right Wing, or Longstreet's Corps: Major General James Longstreet
Anderson's Division: Major-General Richard H. Anderson
Armistead's Brigade: Brigadier-General Lewis A. Armistead
9th Virginia
14th Virginia
38th Virginia
53rd Virginia
57th Virginia
5th Virginia (Battalion)
Mahone's Brigade: Brigadier-General William Mahone
6th Virginia
12th Virginia
16th Virginia
41st Virginia
Wright's Brigade: Brigadier-General Ambrose R. Wright
44th Alabama
3rd Georgia
22nd Georgia
48th Georgia
Jones's Division: Brigadier-General David R. Jones
Toomb's Brigade: Colonel Henry L. Benning, Brigadier-General Robert Toombs
2nd Georgia: Lieutenant-Colonel William R. Holmes
15th Georgia: Colonel William T. Millican
17th Georgia: Major John H Pickett (wounded), Captain A. C. Jones (killed), Captain Hiram L. French
20th Georgia: Major J. D. Waddell
Drayton's Brigade: Brigadier-General Thomas F. Drayton
50th Georgia
51st Georgia
15th South Carolina
Phillips's (Georgia) Legion
Jones's Brigade: Colonel George T. Anderson
1st Georgia (regulars): Major John D. Walker
7th Georgia: Colonel W. T. Wilson (mortally wounded)
8th Georgia: Lieutenant-Colonel John R. Towers
9th Georgia: Colonel Benjamin Beck
11th Georgia: Lieutenant-Colonel William Luffman
Wilcox's Division: Brigadier-Genral Cadmus M. Wilcox
Wilcox's Brigade: Brigadier-Genral Cadmus M. Wilcox
8th Alabama: Major H. A. Herhert
9th Alabama: Major J. H. J. Williams
10th Alabama: Major John H Caldwell
11th Alabama: Captain J. C. C. Sanders
Virginia Battery (Thomas Artillery): Captain Edwin J. Anderson
Pryor's Brigade: Brigadier-General Roger A. Pryor
14th Alabama
5th Florida
8th Florida
3rd Virginia
Featherston's Brigade: Brigadier-General Winfield S. Featherston, Colonel Carnot Posey
12th Mississippi
16th Mississippi: Colone Carnot Posey
19th Mississippi
2nd Mississippi Battalion
Virginia Battery (Dixie Artillery): Captain W. H. Chapman
Hood's Division: Brigadier-General John B. Hood
Hood's Brigade: Brigadier-General John B. Hood
18th Georgia: Colonel William T. Wofford
Hampton (South Carolina) Legion: Lieutenant Colonel M.W. Gary
1st Texas: Lieutenant-Colonel P. A. Work
4th Texas: Lieutenant-Colonel B. F. Carter
5th Texas: Colonel J. B. Robertson (wounded), Captain K. Bryan (wounded), Captain I. N. M. Turner
Whiting's Brigade: Colonel E. M. Law
4th Alabama: Lieutenant-Colonel O. K. McLemore
2nd Mississippi: Colonel J. M. Stone
11th Mississippi: Colonel P. F. Liddell
6th North Carolina: Major Robert F. Webb
Artillery: Major B. W. Frobel
South Carolina Battery (German Artillery): Captain W. K. Backman
South Carolina Battery (Palmetto Artillery): Captain Hugh R. Garden
North Carolina Battery (Rowan Artillery): Captain James Reilly
Kemper's Division: Brigadier-General James L. Kemper
Kemper's Brigade: Colonel Montgomery D. Corse (wounded), Colonel William R. Terry
1st Virginia: Lieutenant-Colone F. G. Skinner
7th Virginia: Colonel W. T. Patton (wounded)
11th Virginia: Major Adam Clement
17th Virginia: Lieutenant-Colonel Morton Marye (wounded), Major Arther Herbert
Jenkin's Brigade: Brigadier-General Micah Jenkins (wounded), Colonel Joseph Walker
1st South Carolina: Colone Thomas J. Glover (killed)
2nd South Carolina (rifles)
5th South Carolina
6th South Carolina
4th South Carolina Battalion
Palmetto (South Carolina) Sharp-shooters: Colonel Joseph Walker
Pickett's Brigade: Colonel Eppa Hunton
8th Virginia
18th Virginia
19th Virginia
28th Virginia
56th Virginia
Evan's Independent Brigade: Brigadier-General Nathan G. Evans (also in command of Hood's Division on 30 August), Colonel P. F. Stevens
17th South Carolina: Colonel John M Means (mortally wounded), Lieutenant-Colonel F. W. McMaster
18th South Carolina: Colonel J. M. Gadberry (killed), Lieutenant-Colonel W. H. Wallace
22nd South Carolina: Colonel S. D. Goodlett (wounded)
23rd South Carolina: Colonel H. L. Benbow (wounded), Captain M. V. Bancroft
Holcombe (South Carolina) Legion: Colonel P. F. Stevens, Lieutenant-Colonel F. G. Palmer (wounded), Major W. J. Crawley
South Carolina Battery (McBeth Artillery): Captain R. Boyce
Washington (La.) Artillery: Colonel John B. Walton
1st Company: Captain C. W. Squires
2nd Company: Captain J. B. Richardson
3rd Company: Captain M. B. Miller
4th Company: Captain B. F. Eshleman
Lee's Battalion: Colonel Stephen D. Lee
Virginia Battery: Captain J. L. Enbank
Virginia Battery (Grimes's): Lieutenant Thomas J. Oakham
Virginia Battery (Bedford Artillery): Captain T. C. Jordan
Virginia Battery: Captain W. W. Parker
South Carolina Battery (Rhett's): Lieutenant William Elliot
Virginia Battery: Captain J. S. Taylor
Virginia Battery (Huger's)
Virginia Battery (Leake's)
Louisiana Battery (Donaldsonville Artillery)
Virginia Battery (Moorman's)
Virginia Battery (Loudoun Artillery): Captain A. L. Rogers
Virginia Battery (Fauquier Artillery): Captain R. M. Stribling
Left Wing, or Jackson's Corps: Major-General Thomas J. Jackson
First (Jackson's Division): Brigadier-General William B. Taliaferro (wounded), Brigadier-General William E. Starke
First Brigade: Colonel W. S. H. Baylor (killed), Colonel A. J. Grigsby (wounded)
2nd Virginia: Lieutenant-Colonel Lawson Botts (mortally wounded), Captain J. W. Rowan, Captain Rawley T. Colston
4th Virginia: Lieutenant-Colonel R. D. Gardner
5th Virginia: Major H. J. Williams
27th Virginia: Colonel A. J. Grigsby
33rd Virginia: Colonel John F. Neff (killed)
Second Brigade: Major John Seddon, Colonel Bradley T. Johnson
21st Virginia: Captain William A. Witcher
42nd Virginia: Captain John E. Penn
48th Virginia: Lieutenant Virginus Dabney (wounded), Captain W. W. Goldsborough (wounded)
1st Virginia (Irish) Battalion: Major John Seddon, Captain O. C. Henderson
Third Brigade: Colonel Alexander G. Taliaferro
47th Alabama: Colonel James W. Jackson
48th Alabama: Colonel J. L. Sheffield
10th Virginia: Lieutenant-Colonel S. T. Walker (wounded)
23rd Virginia
37th Virginia
Fourth Brigade: Brigadier-General William E. Starke, Colonel Leroy A. Stafford
1st Louisiana
2nd Louisiana
9th Louisiana: Colonel Leroy A. Stafford
10th Lousiana
15th Lousiana: Colonel Edmund Pendleton
Coppens's (Louisiana) Battalion: Major G. Coppens
Artillery: Major L. M. Shumaker
Maryland Battery (Baltimore Artillery): Captain J. B. Brockenbrough
Virginia Battery: Captain Joseph Carpenter
Virginia Battery (Hampden Artillery): Captain William H. Caskie
Virginia Battery: Captain W. E. Cutshaw
Virginia Battery (Rockbridge Artillery): Captain William T. Poague
Virginia Battery (Lee Artillery): Captain Charles I. Raine
Virginia Battery: Captain W. H. Rice
Virginia Battery (Danville Artillery): Captain George W. Wooding
Second, or Light Division: Major-General A. P. Hill
Branch's Brigade: Brigadier-General L. O'B. Branch
7th North Carolina: Captain R. B. MacRae
18th North Carolina: Lieutenant-Colonel T. J. Purdie
28th North Carolina: Colonel James H. Lane
33rd North Carolina: Colonel Robert F. Hoke
37th North Carolina
Pender's Brigade: Brigadier-General William D. Pender
16th North Carolina: Captain L. W. Stowe (wounded)
22nd North Carolina: Major C. C. Cole
34th North Carolina: Colonel Richard H. Riddick (mortally wounded)
38th North Carolina: Captain John Ashford (wounded)
Thomas's Brigade: Colonel Edward L. Thomas
14th Georgia: Colonel R. W. Folsom
35th Georgia
45th Georgia: Major W. L. Grice
49th Georgia: Lieutenant-Colonel S. M. Manning
Artillery: Lieutenant-Colonel R. L. Walker
Virginia Battery (Fredericksburg Artillery): Captain Carter M. Braxton
Virginia Battery: Captain W. G. Crenshaw
Virginia Battery (Letcher Artillery): Captain Greenlee Davidson
Virginia Battery (Middlesex Artillery): Lieutenant W. B. Hardy
North Carolina Battery (Branch Artillery): Lieutenant John R. Potts
South Carolina Battery (Pee Dee Artillery): Captain D. G. McIntosh
Virginia Battery (Purcell Artillery): Captain W. J. Pegram
Gregg's BrigadeL Brigadier-General Maxey Gregg
1st South Carolina: Major Edward McCrady, Jr (wounded), Captain C. W. McCreary
1st South Carolina (Orr's Rifles): Colonel J. Foster Marshall (killed), Captain Joseph J. Norton, Captain G. McD. Miller, Captain Joseph J. Norton
12th South Carolina: Colonel Dixon Barnes
13th South Carolina: O. E. Edwards (wounded), Captain Duncan
14th South Carolina: Colonel Samuel McGowan (wounded), Lieutenant-Colonel W. D. Simpson
Archer's Brigade: Brigadier-General James J. Archer
5th Alabama Battalion: Captain Thomas Bush (killed), Lieutenant Charles M. Hooper
19th Georgia: Captain F. M. Johnston
1st Tennessee (Provisional Army): Colonel Peter Turney
8th Tennessee: Major S. G. Shepard
14th Tennessee: Colonel W. A. Forbes (mortally wounded), Major James W. Lockert
Field's Brigade: Brigadier-General Charles W. Field (wounded), Colonel J. M. Brockenbrough
40th Virginia: Colonel J. M. Brockenbrough
47th Virginia: Colonel Robert M. Mayo (wounded)
55th Virginia: Colone Frank Mallory
22nd Virginia Battalion
Third Division: Major-General Richard S. Ewell (wounded), Brigadier-General A. R. Lawton
Lawton's Brigade: Brigadier-General A. R. Lawton, Colonel M. Douglass
13th Georgia: Colonel M. Douglass
26th Georgia
31st Georgia
38th Georgia
60th Georgia: Major T. J. Berry
61st Georgia:
Trimble's Brigade: Brigadier-General Issac R. Trimble (wounded), Captain W. F. Brown (killed)
15th Alabama: Major A. A. Lowther
12th Georgia: Captain W. F. Brown (killed)
15th Alabama: Major A. A. Lowther
12th Georgia: Captain W. F. Brown
21st Georgia: Captain Thomas C. Glover
21st North Carolina: Lieutenant-Colonel Saunders Fulton (killed)
1st North Carolina Battalion
Early's Brigade: Brigadier-General Jubal A. Early
13th Virginia: Colonel James A. Walker
25th Virginia: Colonel George H. Smith (wounded)
31st Virginia: Colonel S. Hoffman
44th Virginia
49th Virginia: Colonel William Smith
52nd Virginia
58th Virginia
Hays's Brigade: Colonel Henry Forno (wounded), Colonel H. B. Strong
5th Louisiana: Major B. Menger
6th Louisiana: Colonel H. B. Strong
7th Louisiana
8th Louisiana: Major T. D. Lewis
14th Louisiana
Virginia Battery (Staunton Artillery): Lieutenant A. W. Garber
Maryland Battery (Chesapeake Artillery): Captain William D. Brown
Louisiana Battery (Louisiana Guard Artillery): Captain L. E. D'Aguin
Maryland Battery: Captain W. F. Dement
Virigina Battery: Captain John R. Johnson
Virginia Battery (Courtney Artillery): Captain J. W. Latimer
Cavalry Division: Major-General James E. B. Stuart
Robertson's Brigade: Brigadier-General Beverly H. Robertson
2nd Virginia: Colonel Thomas T. Munford (wounded)
6th Virginia: Colonel Thomas S. Flournoy
7th Virginia: Colonel William E. Jones, Captain Samuel B. Myers
12th Virginia: Colonel A. W. Harman
17th Virginia Battalion: Major W. Patrick (mortally wounded)
Lee's Brigade: Brigadier-General Fitzhugh Lee
1st Virginia: Colonel L. T. Brien
3rd Virginia
4th Virginia: Colonel W. C. Wickham
5th Virginia: Colonel Thomas L. Rosser
9th Virginia: Colonel W. H. F. Lee
Virginia Battery (Stuart Horse Artillery): Captain John Pelham

Confederate Loses

Unit Killed Wounded Missing Total
Right Wing, or Longstreet's Corps        
", Anderson's Division, Armistead's Brigade 2 18 0 20
", ", Mahone's Brigade 39 196 0 234
", ", Wright's Brigade 32 150 8 190
", Jones's Division, staff 0 0 1 1
", ", Toomb's Brigade 40 327 0 367
", ", Drayton's Brigade 13 80 0 93
", ", Jones's Brigade 103 701 5 809
", Wilcox's Division, Wilcox's Brigade 9 61 0 70
", ", Pryor's Brigade 15 76 4 95
", ", Featherston's Brigade 26 142 0 168
", Hood's Division, Hood's Brigade 75 550 13 638
", ", Whiting's Brigade 56 268 0 324
", ", Artillery 1 9 0 19
", Kemper's Division, Kemper's Brigade 33 240 1 274
", ", Jenkin's Brigade 59 408 2 469
", ", Pickett's Brigade 21 209 4 234
", ", Evan's Independent Brigade 133 593 8 734
", Artillery, Washington (La.) Artillery 9 23 0 32
", ", Lee's Battalion 0 6 0 6
", ", Miscellaneous 0 0 0 0
Left Wing, or Jackson's Corps, staff 0 1 0 1
", First (Jackson's Division), First Brigade 65 346 0 411
", ", Second Brigade 18 102 0 120
", ", Third Brigade 22 147 0 169
", ", Fourth Brigade 110 269 6 385
", ", Artillery 8 13 0 21
", Second, or Light Division, Branch's Brigade 44 280 3 327
", ", Pender's Brigade 26 197 0 223
", ", Thomas's Brigade 33 199 0 232
", ", Artillery 4 8 0 12
", ", Gregg's Brigade 116 606 0 722
", ", Archer's Brigade 21 213 0 234
", ", Field's Brigade 15 80 0 95
", Third Division, staff 0 1 0 1
", ", Lawton's Brigade 139 368 5 512
", ", Trimble's Brigade 109 331 7 447
", ", Early's Brigade 29 187 4 220
", ", Hays's Brigade 87 263 11 361
", ", Artillery 6 20 1 27
", Cavalry Division, Robertson's Brigade 18 78 18 114
", ", Lee's Brigade
not reported
", ", Artillery 1 5 0 6
Totals 1553 7812 109 9474

Numbers Engaged in the Battle

The nature of the campaign that led to Second Bull Run makes it very hard to be sure about the numbers of men engaged on each side. The total number of men available to Pope during the battle was probably between 63,000 and 70,000, while Lee had between 47,000 and 54,000. As is often the case, Union and Confederate reports tend to exagerate the size of their opponents army, while under estimating the size of their own.

Based on Battles and Leaders of the Civil War: II: North to Antietam, pp.497-500

The Second Bull Run Campaign: July-August 1862, David G. Martin. A well illustrated look at the entire Second Bull Run campaign, a key turning point in the American Civil War which saw the south go from the verge of defeat around Richmond to triumph at Manassas, and the campaign that saw Robert E. Lee first justify his great reputation.
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