63rd Troop Carrier Group

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The 63rd Troop Carrier Group (USAAF) was a home based transport unit that was used to move supplies in North America and later as a training group.

The group was activated on 1 December 1940 as the 63rd Transport Group and was given a mix of Douglas transport aircraft for training. It mainly used the C-47 Skytrain and C-54 Skytrooper during operations.

Once the group was ready for service it was used to transport supplies and personnel around North America and the Caribbean. In April 1942 it was assigned to Air Transport Command, which soon became I Troop Carrier Command.

In July 1942 the group was redesignated as the 63rd Troop Carrier Group. Soon afterwards it became a training unit, at first preparing cadres that would form the basis of new transport groups, then from July 1943 training replacement troops to serve with existing units. The group was disbanded on 14 April 1944, as were the three squadrons then serving with it.




Training: Douglas C-33 , Douglas C-34, Douglas C-50 Skytrain
Operations: Douglas C-47 Skytrain and Douglas C-53 Skytrooper


20 Nov 1940 Constituted as 63rd Transport Group
1 Dec 1940 Activated
April 1942 To Air Transport Command
July 1942 Redesignated 63rd Troop Carrier Group
14 April 1944 Disbanded

Commanders (with date of appointment)


Main Bases

Wright Field, Ohio: 1 Dec 1940
Patterson Field, Ohio: 17 Feb 1941
Brookley Field, Ala: 9 Sep 1941
Camp Williams, Wis: 3 May 1942
Dodd Field, Tex: c. 18 Sep 1942
Victorville, Calif: c. 18 Nov. 1942
Lawson Field, Ga: 7 May 1943
Grenada AAFld, Miss: c. 3 Jun 1943
Sedalia AAFld, Mo: 19 Jan-14 Apr 1944

Component Units

3rd: 1940-44
6th: 1940-42
9th: 1940-43
52nd: 1942-44
60th: 1942-44

Assigned To

1942: 52nd Troop Carrier Wing; US Based
1942-43: 53rd Troop Carrier Wing; US Based

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