478th Fighter Group

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The 478th Fighter Group (USAAF) was a home based training unit that served as a replacement training unit.

The group was constituted as the 478th Fighter Group on 12 October 1943 and activated on 1 December 1943. It was assigned to the Fourth Air Force in the US South-West, but it took several months to gain the required personnel and equipment. The group thus didn't become operational until March 1944, when it began work as a replacement training unit for the P-39.

On 31 March 1944 the group was disbanded as part of a reorganisation of USAAF training units, and some of its personnel formed the basis for the new 432rd AAF Base Unit (Fighter Replacement Training Unit, Single Engine), based at the same airfield at Redmond, Oregon.




1944: Bell P-39 Airacobra


12 October 1943 Constituted as 478th Fighter Group
1 December 1943 Activated with Fourth Air Force
March 1944 Operations begin
31 March 1944 Disbanded

Commanders (with date of appointment)

Col John W Weltman: 7 Dec 1943
Lt Col Ernest C Young: 31 Jan-31 Mar 1944.

Main Bases

Hamilton Field, Calif: 1 Dec 1943
Santa Rosa AAFld, Calif: 12 Dec 1943
Redmond AAFld, Ore: 3 Feb-31 Mar 1944.

Component Units

454th: 1943-1944
544th: 1943-1944
545th: 1943-1944
546th: 1943-1944

Assigned To

1943-1944: San Francisco Fighter Wing; IV Fighter Command; Fourth Air Force
1944: Seattle Fighter Wing; IV Fighter Command; Fourth Air Force

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