432nd Reconnaissance Group

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The 432nd Reconnaissance Group (USAAF) was a home-based unit that served with the AAF School of Applied Tactics.

The group was activated on 22 February 1943 as the 432nd Observation Group and was given a single squadron, the 3rd Observation Squadron (3rd Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron from 11 August 1943). It was assigned to the AAF School of Applied Tactics and was used to help fighter, bombardment and ground units train for combat. In its short existence the group was renamed twice - to the 432nd Reconnaissance Group in April 1943 and to the 432nd Tactical Reconnaissance Group in August 1943.

The group was disbanded on 1 November 1943. The 3rd Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron survived until July 1944, serving at the school of Applied Tactics for most of that time, with a brief posting to the Orlando Fighter Wing from 20 February to 28 March 1944.




Bell P-39 Airacobra


18 Feb 1943 Constituted as 432rd Observation Group
22 Feb 1943 Activated
April 1943 Redesignated 432nd Reconnaissance Group
August 1943 Redesignated 432nd Tactical Reconnaissance Group
1 Nov 1943 Disbanded

Commanders (with date of appointment)

1st Lt Richard I Purnell: c.1 Mar 1943
Capt John J Owen Jr: c. 17 Mar 1943
Capt William C Collins: c. 21 Mar 1943
Maj William B Merrill Jr: 23 Mar 1943
Lt Col Eugene H Rice: 18 Apr 1943-unkn.

Main Bases

Alachua AAFld, Fla: 22 Feb 1943
Keystone AAFld, Fla: Mar-1 Nov 1943.

Component Units

3rd: 1943

Assigned To

1943: AAF School of Applied Tactics

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