424th Reconnaissance Group

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The 424th Reconnaissance Group (USAAF) was a home-based unit that was never fully organised, despite being officially activated on 1 April 1943. Four squadrons were allocated to the group but none of them appear to have been allocated any aircraft or given a commanding officer. The group and two of the squadrons were disbanded on 15 August 1943 and the remaining two squadrons on 1 September.




None assigned


30 March 1943 Constituted as 424th Reconnaissance Group
1 April 1943 Activated, assigned to Third AF
20 April 1943 Redesignated 424th Reconnaissance Group
15 August 1943 Disbanded

Commanders (with date of appointment)


Main Bases

DeRidder AAB, La: 1 April-15 August 1943

Component Units

35th Reconnaissance Squadron: 1943
36th Reconnaissance Squadron: 1943
37th Reconnaissance Squadron: 1943
38th Reconnaissance Squadron: 1943

Assigned To

1943: Third Air Force


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