415th Bombardment Group (Dive)

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The 415th Bombardment Group was originally used by the School of Applied Tactics before becoming a training unit.

The 415th was activated on 15 February 1943 and was equipped with a mix of aircraft. It was used as a demonstration group by the Army Air Force School of Applied Tactics (at Orlando).

By March 1944 the group became a standard replacement training unit, but this was a short-lived assignment and it was disbanded on 5 April 1944.




Aircraft: Douglas A-20 Havoc, Douglas A-24 Banshee, Douglas A-26 Invader, North American B-25 Mitchell, Bell P-39 Airacobra


12 February 1943 Constituted as 415th Bombardment Group (Dive)
15 February 1943 Activated
5 April 1944 Disbanded

Commanders (with date of appointment)

2d. Lt Michael J Panek: 1 Mar 1943
Maj Wesley E Dickerson: 12 Mar 1943
Lt Col Robert K Martin: 29 Mar 1943
Col John R Kelly: 23 Oct 1943
Lt Col Steele R Patterson: 6 Mar-5 Apr 1944

Main Bases

Alachua AAFM, Fla: 15 Feb 1943
Orlando AB, Fla: 25 Feb 1944
Dalhart AAFM, Tex: 19 Mar-5 Apr 1944

Component Units

465th Bombardment Squadron: 1943-44
521st (formerly 667th) Bombardment Squadron: 1943-44

Assigned To


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