396th Bombardment Group

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The 396th Bombardment Group was a home based training unit that was active from February 1943 until May 1944.

The group was activated on 16 February 1943 and was assigned to the Second Air Force. It acted as an Operational Training Unit as the USAAF expanded, helping to create new B-17 units. In August 1943 it became a replacement training unit, helping to fill gaps in existing units. In November 1943 it was transferred to the Third Air Force, and on 1 May 1944 it was inactivated.


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1943-44: Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress


29 January 1943 Constituted as 396th Bombardment Group (Heavy)
16 February 1943 Activated and assigned to Second Air Force
November 1943 To Third Air Force
1 May 1944 Inactivated

Commanders (with date of appointment)

Lt Col Frederick T. Crimmins Jr: 1943-1 May 1944

Main Bases

Mountain Home AAFld, Idaho: 16 Feb 1943
Moses Lake AAB, Wash: 10 Apr 1943
Drew Field, Fla: 5 Nov 1943-1 May 1944

Component Units

592d Bombardment Squadron: 1943-1944
593d Bombardment Squadron: 1943-1944
594th Bombardment Squadron: 1943-1944
595th Bombardment Squadron: 1943-1944

Assigned To

February-November 1943: Second Air Force
November 1943-May 1944: Third Air Force

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