369th Fighter Group

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The 369th Fighter Group was a home based training unit that was active for two years from August 1943.

The group was activated on 1 August 1943 and assigned to the Third Air Force. It was used to train replacement crews in a range of aircraft. In 1943-44 this included the A-36 Mustang, P-39 Airacobra and P-40 Warhawk.

Early in 1944 the group took part in the last of the Louisiana Manoeuvres, a series of massive exercises that helped shape the US Army during its period of wartime expansion.

In March 1944 the group was transferred to the Fourth Air Force.

In April 1944, reflecting the general trend in the way many fighter units were being used, the group was redesignated as the 369th Fighter-Bomber Group, but this was short-lived and it reverted to being the 369th Fighter Group in June 1944.

The group began to use the P-51 version of the Mustang during 1945.

The group survived almost to the end of the war, and was inactivated on 10 August 1945, a few days before the Japanese surrender.




1943-1944: North American A-36 Mustang, Bell P-39 Airacobra, Curtiss P-40 Warhawk
1945: As above plus North American P-51 Mustang


26 May 1943 Constituted as 369th Fighter Group
1 August 1943 Activated with Third Air Force
March 1944 Redesignated 369th Fighter-Bomber Group
April 1944 To Fourth Air Force
June 1944 Redesignated 369th Fighter Group
10 August 1945 Inactivated

Commanders (with date of appointment)

Co l Charles Young: 1 Aug 1943
Maj Paul M Brewer Jr: 12 Feb 1944
Lt Col Emmett S Davis: 27 Nov 1944
Lt Col Walter W Berg: 11 Jan 1945
Lt Col Paul T O’Pizzi: 13 May 1945
Lt Col Harold G Lund: 19 May-1o Aug 1945

Main Bases

Hamilton Field, Calif: 1 Aug 1943
Marysville AAFld, Calif: c. 5 Nov 1943
Oroville AAFld, Calif: 28 Jan 1944
Hamilton Field, Calif: 16 Mar 1944
De Ridder AAB, La: 28 Mar 1944
Stuttgart AAFld, Ark: 8 Feb-1o Aug 1945

Component Units

398th: 1943-1945
399th: 1943-1945
400th: 1943-1945

Assigned To

1943: Third Air Force
1943-1944: San Francisco Fighter Wing; IV Fighter Command; Fourth Air Force

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