21st Bombardment Group

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The 21st Bombardment Group was a home-based bomber group that mainly served as a training unit.

The group was activated on 1 February 1942 and began training with the B-25. It also used a number of B-18 Bolos and A-20 Havocs early in its existence, but soon converted to the B-26 Marauder.

The group was mainly used as an operational training unit, as part of the Third Air Force. It was also used to fly some antisubmarine patrols over the Gulf of Mexico, although never really had the long endurance aircraft best suited to that role. The group was disbanded on 10 October 1943.


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1942: Douglas A-20 Havoc, Douglas B-18 Bolo, North American B-25 Mitchell
1942-43: Martin B-26 Marauder


13 January 1942 Constituted as 21st Bombardment Group (Medium)
1 February 1942 Activated
10 October 1943 Disbanded

Commanders (with date of appointment)

Col Robert D Knapp: 9 Feb 1942
Col William L Lee: 26 Apr 1942
Lt Col John F Batjer: 13 Aug 1942
Col Carl R Storrie: 5 Oct 1942
Col Guy L McNeil: 7 Nov 1942
Col Don Z Zimmerman: 19 Apr 1943
Lt Col L F Brownfield: 6 June 1943
Col Richard T Coiner Jr: 6 Jul-10 Oct 1943

Main Bases

Bowman Field, Ky: 1 Feb 1942
Jackson AAB, Miss: 8 Feb 1942
Columbia AAB, SC: 21 Apr 1942
Key Field, Miss: 24 May 1942
MacDill Field, Fla: 27 Jun 1942-10 Oct 1943.

Component Units

313th Bombardment Squadron: 1942-43
314th Bombardment Squadron: 1942-43
315th Bombardment Squadron: 1942-43
398th Bombardment Squadron: 1942-43

Assigned To

1942-1943: Third Air Force

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